We are giving away a bunch a things in a studio- yeti mics, fleshlights, tshirts, books, gorunners, we want you to win them! TO ENTER: Send in a video/song/w…

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  1. jeez, bobby is looking fat for santa claus.

  2. Well…. I got nothin

  3. No no no. Mine was posted two hours before yours, and I used a smiley face. You’re the mean one, and you are the thief. :-p

  4. Mine was posted before. Youtube plagiarism aside lets Just settle this by saying we’re both mean.

  5. Bobby Kelly started in this business as a handsome Italian and now look at him, he’s a fat Mexican

  6. aaayyyy Bobbo!

  7. wayta steal my joke DMTzoso…

  8. jesus bobby has turned into a blob of shit

  9. Dan is so likeable and it saddens me to know he is going to blow up and leave the show

  10. She certainly hasn’t earned the title of comic yet.

  11. She certainly hasn’t earned the title of Comedian. -ZING :-p

  12. so the two weeks deadline is actually 5 days then?

  13. for getting coffee?

  14. I think Kelly has earned a Producer title at this point…at LEAST Associate Producer. Assistant Producer? Production Intern? Mom-Hair Executive?

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