Wishful Thinking-would u have an affair if spouse wouldn’t find out.mov

Wishful Thinking-would u have an affair if spouse wouldn't find <a target=out.mov" src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/U-9TdjizIvU/default.jpg" />


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  1. Speaking as a single person myself (currently), I’ve never “cheated” in a serious relationship, but if given the opportunity to be with my hollywood heart throb, I would have 2 say without a doubt, hell yeah! :-) But seriously, that’s a tough 1…I take marriage & vows very seriously & it doesn’t matter if he would never find out, I would know & God would know. 2 many people take marriage 4 granted & treat it like a dating relationship, well, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just c other people.

  2. No,no,no…so right but I am happy with myself…and you stated everything that are my reasons…Just not worth it…

  3. Great topic! my answer N.O.P.E I’ll pass lol

  4. Forget about my spouse finding out…GOD would! I don’t need or want to answer for that. Smh…nope!

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