Wells Griffith for Congress | “A New Leader for South Alabama”

Wells Griffith is running to be the next representative to the United States Congress from Alabama’s 1st Congressional District. For more information: We


  1. Good luck tomorrow Wells!

  2. Teresa, I don’t know if Wells has ever run a business or not, I just accidentally landed here but I came across a list of presidents of the U.S. occupations prior to being president and there were only 2 that you could say were businessmen. The 1st BM was Herbert Hoover who brought us The Great Depression, the 2nd was George Bush Jr. who brought us The Great Bush Recession. All the others were teachers, lawyers, farmers, soldiers etc…being a BM isn’t necessarily an asset 4 public office.

  3. Dear Wells….I know your father well,,,I also knew Jo Bonner…we do not need another Jo Bonner/Callahan point man…we need to bring back our constitution. Have you ever run a business??? If not, how can you run a country???
    Charles Weinacker

  4. “Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz”???

    Just what we need, another fucking teahadist trying to legislate our bedrooms and thoughts. Fuck this asshole.

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