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youtube.com/watch?v=gcL7dptIQZ8&feature=plcp Questions: What one book from your collection would you keep if all the rest had to be thrown out or …


  1. I’ll keep that in mind :)

  2. Lol, I thought that of George Martin taking so many years to write a sequel. At least the wait for Rick is only a year. But Percy Jackson is already done and so it’s The Kane Chronicles, you can read those without fear hahaha.

  3. of course ;)

  4. cool!

  5. Hermione of course! :) 

  6. I liked your answers! We have a lot of the same opinions and interests.

  7. I heard that’s his specialty – I may just wait till he’s dead and then read his books, knowing there’s no more waiting forthe next…

  8. And why should we?

  9. haha, too selfish to do that – I was always bad at holding my breath.

  10. I liked the graphics on the side spelling out the tag…nice touch! I thought you were going to hold your breath on that first question until you turned blue. Haha

  11. Awesome answers. I’d have to agree with the first question – I refuse to choose one!

  12. You should really read Rick Riordan’s books (If you’re up to YA books and mythology). Believe me, we’ve been suffering for years… He’s the king of cliffhangers! :)) I love your answers and Awesome TAG!

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