Ukrainians in Great Britain – BBC 2 Open Door Documentary, April 1978

“Ukrainians: The People who Couldn’t Go Home”, Open Door, BBC2, shown on 10 and 23 April 1978. Made by the Young Ukrainians’ Forum – an independent group cre…


  1. And what do we have now? Empty churches, community centres that serve very little purpose. No community social services, no community business initiatives. Decades of mismanagement by community leaders lacking the relevant skills, vision and direction to bring people together and build upon and expand the community. Members driven away in droves. Yes Ukrainians in the UK never did learn how to respect or value each other. Britain doesn’t even recognise the Holodomor as genocide. Do we care?

  2. as it goes the UK has the scales of justice because it actually was the most unjust place on earth. so much so that it built the scales of justice as the biggest injustice. the most unjust place on earth claiming to be the most just and making it believable. it is ok to accept things like fox hunting to go i guess but dont let the economy go with it… this is what i was mentioning before about the grocery and health (GP) industries. loosing all financial projection.

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