U2 With or Without You/Shine Like Stars 1987 Syracuse

The Joshua Tree tour 1987.
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  1. In that 2 second block, Edge started on his solo that he usually does there, but then he switched to a different guitar part. He probably got a little confused and maybe a little lost for why Bono was doing something similar to 3:04.

  2. ?? how so?

  3. Compare this voice whit the nowaday voice.


  4. @codebreaker212p
    Age does change your voice but bono case is because of smoke and alcohol abuse.If he didn’t do those thing,his voice will not be that much raspy.

  5. that’s what happens when you get older.. He still sounds great though now

  6. tominrochester, were you the one that went up on stage?

  7. Edge messed up 4:43-4:45!

  8. Que voz! Bono Vox!

  9. so good!!!

  10. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. His voice is so much better here than nowaday :(

  12. adam clayton FTW

  13. This is the real Bono, not the commercial asshole like this

  14. Hey girls, man who likes this song (not only those)…. They love you so much!!!!! do not worry man and tell him if you love him. That man can do everything what he will see on your eyes!!!

  15. brilliant !

  16. Syracuse, 1987. A very special person was born. I don’t know how I can possibly live without you. We WILL shine like stars, I just hope its together. I still love you so much, Karen

  17. dekuji moc mam vas rad držte spolu čas ten jen čeka na vas mate to u nohou zmenit nebo jit spet a vratit cas nelze tak do toho žit nenechte to na jinichmate to v rukach ja ty vyhody nemnel

  18. Hey,i want to upload this,too
    (but if i will only from own sourses,
    I never steal videos)I remember
    this is not from R&H video collection.
    probably i will try to find this in the RF.

  19. Wow… Lindo S2!

  20. He slipped on stage in Paris and broke his arm.

  21. What happened to his arm?

  22. so far i wasn’t able to find it, I just got every live version of this song

  23. Is there a studio recording of this song with the “shine like stars” verse? I’d love to have it…always makes me cry.

  24. ah, so that’s why that is. (i.e. you can find just about every other U2 vid you want on youtube (except for the official video of UTEOTW, strangely)). i’ve got the special edition DVD from the JT re-master, but it’d be nice to be able to pull it up on YouTube. oh well. thanks for finally answering that question for me! cheers!

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