Transfer of sovereignty over Indonesia 1949

Transfer of sovereignty over Indonesia 1949 The Dutch–Indonesian Round Table Conference was held in the Hague from August 23 – November 2, 1949, between rep…
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  1. Thank you very much for the video, it was amazing and our friends that don’t know anything about this video, can know it because there just exist on our history book. They never saw this before, I salute you

  2. Yes, I’m from Indonesia and I really proud of my country that had been occupied by the Nederlands for more than 300 years.

  3. this video gives me goose bump every time i watch it


  5. Indonesia subtitle please,


  7. Excellent resource for Indonesian generation to be proud to be Indonesian, so that we can be great country.

  8. Transfer of sovereignty by the dutch is not free, we paid by bloods, and the debts given by Netherland approximately 4.3 billion Guilders of Dutch East Indies government debt.

    Its Not FREE freedom , we fought for it…

  9. Belanda cuma MEMBERIKAN kemerdekaan negara untuk wilayah sumatra, jawa, bali , kalimantan,

  10. Thx for uploading this video. Buat teman2 Indonesia, di klik aja di teks, trus teks bahasa Belandanya diterjemahkan ke Indonesia.

  11. Indonesians don’t curse in their language. Why do you do that in English? Giving a bad impression on our country. Why don’t you get an English course, it is after all the international language, universally recognized.

  12. klik menu “caption” - pilih bahasa indonesia

  13. what the fuck u did indonesian goverment,,,, why did’nt u translate this document to indonesian language,,,, so we can understand

  14. Ini baru sejarah….thanks to upload

  15. thanks Roger, every Indonesian should watch this so they could know the real history of their country not the one that was fabricated.

  16. many thanks.. very informing, please the English subtitle in the future..

  17. merdekaaaaaaaaaaa…………..

  18. English subtitle would be much apreciated

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