The Rat Pack Part 12 – FINAL

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  1. @BodhiTaiChi
    Thank YOU!!!  : )

  2. @David Green
    Agreed! GREAT entertainment!
    I especially LOVE the anti-white supremist Musical prdctn in a Drama…bold move! ; )
    Indeed, Sinatra LOVED himself & thought everyone else should regardless anything else. I also believe he was nearly in-love w/John Kennedy; they certainly had their own type of fantasy love affair w/each other & their sexual mistresses. Also agree about his “shooting the messenger”; in this film it is nearly heartbreaking!
    Agree+: Kennedys!
    BEST wishes 2U & Ur’s : )

  3. Sad but powerful song.

  4. I own this movie on both VHS and DVD…. I have watched it many times …. it is mostly great entertainment …. but, it is also pretty close to historical…..

    Frank Sinatra WAS an A**HOLE …. a control freak and a “spoiled brat”….. in the last part on here…. he basically shot the messenger….. it WAS “HIS WAY” of doing things…..

    Oh – AND the Kennedys were ALL a bunch of “carpet-bagging” opportunists….

    &…. I have done a lot of research on this subject….

  5. Wow this is a really good movie and thanks for the upload, ur the best :)

  6. Hello, jaundist, actually I know a brilliant, lovely & very talented Triple Threat who worked with Mr. Davis in two films before my birth. She has assured me on more than a couple occasions during her fascinating industry reminiscing that Sammy Davis Jr. was wonderfully respectful, extremely hard-working, humble & a pleasure to engage & work with, also that he & Mr. Sinatra were very close friends, actual FRIENDS. She is a trustworthy older woman, w/nothing to be gained from lying. Therefore…

  7. I would take the risk to say that Sammy Davis Jr. did not use or “take advantage” of Mr. Sinatra’s true friendship, generosity of spirit and offered cost-covered partying. could anyone truly “take advantage” of someone not very naive, needing to surround himself with pals to party with nearly constantly, possessing full or nearly full facilties, serious connections and tonnes of funds..?

  8. Sinatra’s trust, admiration, love & devotion to John F. Kennedy; they were all generously given — not induced. We all know that there are huge risks taken involved with love, regardless of relationship type. I have a great deal of respect for what I’ve learned of Mr. Sinatra’s generosity of spirit, lack of bigotry and respect for true friendship & loyalty. But, I don’t understand why he enjoyed the company of brutal, power-tripping, crooked thugs & therefore tolerated their values & behaviours.

  9. Independent prostitution is simply a consensual JOB, Sinatra would have been a fool to force the women who worked out of his casino parties considering his vulnerability due to the level of fame he sought after & enjoyed. Good business relationships can endure. I believe this to be a fantastic emotional, educational and entertaining story & I feel priviliged to have access to it to screen again at will. Many thanks to the uploader (shillabarquet) for doing the work & sharing with all of us. : )

  10. Joey bishop 2007

  11. What became of The Rat Pack? They all died. Frank Sinatra in 1998, Dean Martin in 1995, Sammy Davis Jr. in 1990, Peter Lawford in 1984, & Joey Bishop in 2006. They’re now in the great big casino in the sky. Long live The Rat Pack.

  12. basically lawford and the rest what they did was take advantage of franks generosity and enjoy his parties and be entertained by his whores. such friendships don’t last

  13. i think he was more ray liota and less frank sinatra
    in the movie it is shown that big brother kennedy never contradicted or argued his li’l brothers decision against organized crime

  14. i think he was more ray liota and less frank sinatra

  15. JFK and his scum bro RFK got what they deserved! Lead! : ) Frank is lucky he didn’t get wacked back then too! LOL.. He trusted the Kennedy’s and got screwed.
    Great flick, saw it many times and can watch it again and again..

  16. What’s the final song???

  17. such a great film 

  18. Ray Liotta is a good actor!!!!

  19. He did resemble him and unless you were his personal biographer or his fucking valet “George”, then how the fuck would you know his personality. Sinatra was an asshole! If anything, Liotta did an amazing job humanizing that bully. 

  20. I dont think looks should count too much in casting. There are some very good doppelgängers out there but not all of them can act. If you take Aries Spears for example, he looks nothing like Eddie Murphy but he has his mannerisms & speech down to a T! His imitation of Eddie is incredible. If you look it up on youtube, you can see it.

    I agree with you though on Dean Martin & Sammy Davis’ actors. They were awesome! Especially the tap dancing scenes!

  21. amazing film thanks for posting xxx

  22. Great movie, Liotta did a great job as Sinatra, I’m happy they did the members justice.

  23. Frank SInatra would be a really difficult person to replicate exactly. Casting someone who looked too much like him would be a mistake. Liotta is a believable italian actor with the frantic nature needed to pull off a firecracker like Sinatra. I think his performance really humanized Sinatra. Great historical piece as well. I guess they couldn’t go forward with the conspiracy that GIancana, the CIA and Hoover offed JFK, but the idea that the mob got him elected is VERY interesting.

  24. A good film. However, there was some gross miscasting. Dean Martin and Peter Lawford were believable, and Sammy Davis was good casting. But Frank Sinatra, well, the guy who played him did not remotely resemble him or have his personality.

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