The Private Life of Marilyn Monroe

The rise and fall of Marilyn Monroe as portrayed in Gary LeGault’s original screenplay, starring Carlissa Hayden as Marilyn with Dorothy Blass as Paula Stras…
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  1. Miss Hayden deliberately tried not to imitate the public persona of Marilyn, who according to George Masters, “…wasn’t Marilyn Monroe, everyday.” If you are looking for the illusive “on screen” presence of the famous film star, you won’t find it here or anywhere, except in her movies. But what am explaining this for? Miss Hayden worked with Lee Strasberg in New York before coming to Hollywood. He seemed to think she was all right.

  2. This actress has nothing of marilyn… Absolutely nothing…I am sure my grand-pa would have done the role much better if he gets a wig and lipstick

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