The Funeral of John F. Kennedy Part 12

America bids farewell to JFK.
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  1. Did you all know that on winter nights across the river from Arlington,looking at JFK’s grave,you can see the eternal flame.

  2. Old Joe was also a bootlegger.

  3. The 21 gun salute echoing over the hills there still gives me chills.

  4. Still heartbreaking after all this time.

  5. No, at this time George H.W. Bush was a Houston oil businessman, and an announced candidate for the 1964 Republican nomination for U.S. Senator from Texas. Bush was nominated, but lost that race to the incumbent Democrat, Ralph Yarborough.

  6. No ones going to bash you man. I’m 18 years old who is just like you and they many others who seeks the truth, and with a video like this, anyone who bashes here should be frowned upon by the ghost of JFK because he certainly wouldn’t accept Americans dissing Americans.

    Anyway, GHWB, was 2nd in charge of the C.I.A believe it or not at this time. He did some work in Dallas. So its quite possibly your eyes arent mistakened.

  7. The gentlemen second from right behind cardinal cushing is cardinal spellman of new york.

  8. I have never seen J.Edgar Hoover in any footage of JFK’s funeral.

  9. It was evil that took him out.

  10. what guy? third on the right? doesnt look like him… anyway he was a high official at the time…cia director oss. anyway….isn’t jfk eulogized by bobby during his funeral?

  11. There is a guy who looks a little like him, but since that’s the section for heads of state and government, I doubt that it’s him.

  12. My father died of a brain tumor in 2002 and before he died, he had something on why kennedys always died. They obtained their wealth because they took risky gambles. Joe jr was a coastal pilot before JFK did his thing on PT 109. Joe was ticked and he volunteered to fly that torpex filled plane which xed him. JFk disliked the bubble top in Dallas because it restricted him from the people. RFK had a rent a cop service on June 4th which cost him.

  13. True…that attitude killed joe Jr.

  14. I hope no one clowns me for this, but the guy at 1:48 looks like George Bush Sr. Would he have even been there? Just a question. Please dont bash me.

  15. There was a piece in Washingtonian Magazine in 1980 that had a “What if JFK had lived” at that year, Ted Kennedy might have been president.
    One problem was that the Kennedys were always taking risks. They were trying to outdo each other.

  16. so sad

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