Steven Chu – lower gas prices not goal

Energy Secretary Steven Chu testifies before congress on 2-28, telling Rep. Alan Nunnelee of Mississippi that the administration goal isn’t to lower the cost…
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  1. i am sick of these prices my food cost more you assholes

  2. Does anyone really believe carbon is causing a rise in temperatures when its proven that there has been no warming in the last 16 years.

    Perhaps the temperature fluctuates like markets…. who would have thought? Does a gas that is only 0.037% of the atmosphere really have that much influence ?

    I do have to say, it is an ingenious attempt to tax and regulate a substance that is emitted out of every manufacturing plant with trillions in cash flow at risk.

  3. When Obama took office the national average for a gallon of gas was $1.83.

  4. Listen, I live in California. Today all over town gas was $4.69. And guess what, Steven Chu is happy about it. This idealogy is killing MY LIFE. I drive a 1-ton old truck, not to “be cool” but because I can’t afford a new one. it costs 100 to fill up a week, I can’t afford that. Bury Chu, bury Obama, bury Geitner

  5. It’s not about whether changing our transportation habits, it’s about the U.S. NOT having the infrastructure to support the change. I live just outside of St. Louis. The only way I could get to work without my own car, is to take a bus. There is only one bus stop in the town I live and it is over a mile away from me. Not to mention that there are no bus stop close to where I work. Thus it would take me about three hours of walking just to get to the bus stop and back. This is unacceptable.

  6. Smart does not equal common sense.

  7. So I take it you don’t mind spending a good chuck of your income on gas for your car instead of say… food, shelter, clothing, etc… Then you guys turn around and bitch about how much money those evil oil companies make. Instead of praising Chu, why don’t you complain about the fact that these cars are illegal to sell in the U.S.

    h t t p : //enDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/BlueMotion

  8. I never said oil was unlimited, however the amount of oil that is in the U.S. is estimated to last well over 100 years. We have a little time to develop alternatives and/or improvements to what we already have. It don’t need to be prematurely rammed down our throats at a cost we cannot afford. The tech will come.

  9. The goal is not to have less people driving. It’s to get America off its oil dependency. There are still electric cars, and i think they’re even developing cars that run on solar power.  I know where Chu is trying to go, but the way he’s trying to get there is not good economical sense.

  10. be transported somehow in order for consumer goods to be available to consumers nationwide.)

  11. Higher gas prices will mean increases in the price of pretty much everything. No, I will not allow Chu to bankrupt our country. I don’t agree with the Republicans either because I know they’re only opposing Chu because he is a Democrat. If a Republican said the same thing, they’d be all over it.

    I think raising fuel prices is a bad idea because businesses will need to pass the increased cost of transporting goods to the consumer in order to remain profitable. (Remember, everything needs to

  12. Having the nation less dependent on oil is doing something about it. The way to get there is not to have gas be $8 a gallon. By that time a large majority of people would be bankrupt with companies not being able to afford energy at all. How would that strengthen anything??????

  13. Less people driving as a goal is completely irrational. That is never going to happen. It fundamentally does not make sense and is not an achievable goal.

  14. essentially, Chu knows what he is talking about, yes as a consumer it would be REALLY shitty and inconvenient for us, but it will FORCE the majority of us to change transportation (carpool, public transit, etc.) lowering the overall pollution we pump to the environment. but, we would never willingly change our lifestyle, we are creature of habits and sometimes, we need to be pushed to a certain extant so that we can get off our asses and change (hopefully for the better)

  15. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, BUT what Chu said made sense. *I* only make $10 per hour at my job (student worker), and filling up the tank of my car cost me $70-$80 (tank last me about three week and a half if I drive economically… aka home to work and no where else). So I have to work A WHOLE WEEK to just be able to drive to my job. If gas prices rose, it would force me to look for other transport option b/c I can’t afford driving anymore, which ACHIEVE Chu’s goal (less ppl drivin)

  16. He probably is smarter than me. However, just because someone has a ton of degrees does not mean that they can’t make mistakes.

  17. so who has a job by your definition?? Are you saying that people in academia (aka people with an education, people who are EXPERTS in their field) should not be advisors to the president?

  18. well, he’s a noble laureate (Nobel prize receiver), also a physics professor at Berkley and Stanford. Also a professor of cellular and molecular biology. In other words, he’s a million times smarter than you and knows what the fuck he’s talking about.

  19. That still does not mean oil is unlimited. What the hell happens in a couple of decades when we use up all the oil in N. Dakota, Canada and Alaska?? Chu is pretty much saving our asses by trying to get us off of using oil and to switch to renewable (aka INFINITE aka WILL NEVER RUN OUT) energy.

  20. For those who said steven chu has never had a job. Are ou kidding?!!!? this man won a Nobel Prize and I guarantee he has worked orders of magnitude harder in his life than any of you could hope to. Why are you people so terrified of someone a whole hell of a lot smarter than you. Low gas prices make us complacent and eventually we will run out it. The reason you hate Chu is he is smart enough to see the writing on the wall and wants to do something about it. You are all so stupid it hurts!

  21. Chu is a piece of shit. How in the world did he achieve that position?

  22. A nightmarish dream world of Liberalism with NWO shills that are dragging this country down to the bottom. Remember what these sellouts have done to us.

  23. Chu is another useful NWO retard. This guy HAS NEVER HAD A JOB. Like Obama’s other friends, he has hid out in academia.

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