STA World Traveler Internship 2009 application

My name’s Chris Danner and I thought about tell you why I should be STA’s World Traveler Intern, but I decided to show you instead. Please post your comments!
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  2. what a tool

  3. it starts with “fur elise” then the techno song is Kernkraft 400 by zombie nation

  4. Great video.. awesome. whats the song played at the beginning???

  5. congrats on the intern!! :)

  6. you and lindsay absolutely deserve this internship.

  7. You’ve never been to an olive garden?!?!?! haha

    Really though, you should have your own travel show or something on the discovery channel. I don’t know you but I would watch your show because that 4 minute video was very entertaining!

  8. congrats! you’ll be great for STA.

  9. oh danner. such a heart throb you are. miss the hell out of you, come see me after your world domination plan pans out.

  10. I just realized you had Bernard Madoff produce your video.. Besides traveling do you part take in panzy scams?

  11. good job danna… this is dope. i think you need some more footage for the next one.

  12. Good video numba one!

  13. wow youve been to those place. what a la lucky dude! youve been to the ball? wow.. must be rich

  14. Nice video. Are you a student at Berkeley?

  15. haha dude. i wish i had more time to leave a comment on your page earlier. but you are so funny man. the part that i most related to in your video is the wakeup early part i freakked was like YEAHH!!! that’s EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!!! I think you’re super fun a personable. neither of us are super videographers. but it’d be sweet to get shown the traveling ropes with you. and art history? intense dude.

    best of luck dude,

  16. Thank you so much for the encouragement, sorry about your friend. If this doesnt work out Im strapping weather balloons to a lawnchair and just floating my way around the world.

  17. My friend tried for this and didn’t get top 20, though she was awesome, however, other than her, I thought yours was by far the funniest I had seen. I didn’t think you’d get picked cause sarcastic humor doesn’t usually bode well with G rated companies like STA, but obviously you did, so GOOD LUCK! I hope you win! The other contestants are really unappealing to watch, so hopefully you’ll win!

  18. You’re one of the very few three-minute-plus applicants that kept my attention. Pretty darn entertaining, sir. Good luck! 😉

  19. Your video is hilarious. You’d be great to travel with. I love to volunteer as well; I’m so excited about the volunteering in Fiji part of the internship – and its the first stop! I wish you the best (:

  20. By the way how did you organize the volunteering in Panama? I really want to do something like that. Thanks 😀

  21. Funny video! I like the way you put everything together with the music too! Good luck!

  22. is it weird to fancy someone after seeing them on a youtube video? probably..but oh well x

  23. You have a knack for making hilarious videos. I love that you know the correct term for an obelisk. Art history truly is hard core. As a fellow applicant, I think you’d be a hoot to travel with. Good luck!

  24. Thank you so much for you comments, good luck to everyone who has applied. And if you haven’t, put on your party pants and thinking caps and make a video!

  25. omg, you are funny

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