Speed questions with Carl/Cell

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Breathe, damnit, breathe!

  2. He did.. he made a video called Fatass tips.. he even made fun of himself.
    Question: Why are you such a dumb fuck?

  3. This guy deserves to get laid a lot more than he probably does.

  4. :l hates bronys… >all oldfags hate bronys..

  5. That’s half of why I love Ring, the other half is because once you do
    appreciate him you realize how badass he is.

  6. haha man, your a legend, I work at macdonalds, I don’t care about anyone’s
    opinion; It’s an easy job with good pay.

  7. you’re already better than rwj

  8. How old are you man? just curious


  10. Since you like DragonballZ watch yu yu hakusho, it was anime old school
    anime thats pretty bad ass.

  11. I love how he doesn’t give a fuck about who likes him or not jeeze the
    world would be great with more people like him.

  12. hes called cell for a reason

  13. Neither was I, and Ive been following senor Taint above us forever.

  14. 😀

  15. Slow down, dude. I only understood maybe one out of 5 words.

  16. He does have a deep booming godlike voice.

  17. I wasn’t expecting his voice to be like that.

  18. Dude, Chillax. Don’t rock so much, Speak clearly so we can enjoy your life
    because ours sucks so much we have to watch yours. SO. Chill the fuck out.
    Slow down. JESUS.

  19. Dang ol tell ya what I’d of pissed myself if you said this in a boomhauer
    voice but funny video.

  20. Slow the hell down. Your words are running together and you are completely

  21. Oh god, Im getting sick from the rocking XD yo Carl <3 <3 <3 <3 Its Britt
    Uchiha! <3

  22. no worries

  23. Fat cunt. :)

  24. Did you delete your Cell page?

  25. Thanks for saying enough to completely answer the question and not ramble
    on forever like some people do.

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