Sierra Club Internship Application- Kristen Hopkins

Sierra Club Internship Application- Kristen Hopkins

My name is Kristen Hopkins and am a hopeful future intern for the Sierra Club. This is a FICTIONAL episode of a mini-series of video blogs from the Sierra Cl…
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  1. This is my absolutely favorite Sierra Club video that I’ve seen! She has such a fantastic personality and is totally adorable! Not to mention, the video is incredibly insightful and very well shot! She 110% deserves this internship; good luck Kristen and fantastic job! Not that you’ll need it ; )

  2. Kristen… This application video is fantastic! I love the “Hey Soul Sister” instrumental in the background… the video itself has a feel-good theme going on. It’s green, bright, positive, informative and makes me want to know more! Good luck!!!

    You are the perfect fit for this internship… you’re enthusiasm and leadership will rub-off on everyone around you. I’m cheering for ya!

  3. Good Luck Kristen

  4. Thanks everyone so much!! I’m nervous, I really want this internship! Wish me luck guys!

  5. this was great!

  6. Great video!!! Very enthusiastic throughout video and really gets the audience interested!

  7. Good video, you definitely sold it well. Good luck with the internship

  8. Can you keep these videos coming? That’s a great peek at the campus, really nice, I’d love to see more. Nice camera work and excellent job by Kristen. Good luck with Sierra Club internship, the camera LOVES you.

  9. Kristen! what a fantastic video! I love the information provided about using bikes around campus, a habit most students should pick up to help our environment. Again, great job!

  10. great job! sweet t shirt too!

  11. sweet vid

  12. Nice Job Kristen, this is a really cool video from around the campus. Good Luck!

  13. wow this girl has an amazing sense of charisma and knowledge. not only does she seem very personable but she took the time to relate different forms of transportation to our everyday life. well done kristen! i can’t wait to see more!

  14. wow kristen this is a really great video!! I go to penn state and everything you said in this video is so so true! Thanks for making this, I hope you get your internship!

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