Shocking Affair

Hey, This is just a sample video for my coach, showing her how I could do a sales video. No edits, just raws.
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  1. **Full walker** oops, thats a pretty cross. good luck with oyur coach?? haha. and your welcome :]

  2. I’m so proud! Hahaha. It’s really too bad, it was quite enjoyable. =D

  3. He’s come so far eh? No more ramming my friends into walls

  4. He’s so good! If I tried to stand on Guin, he would flip, hahahahaha.

  5. He is actually a cross, Quarter Horse. This was just a super quick video to show my coach what I could do for a sales video for her. Thank you!!

  6. Is he a fell walker? He doesnt seem to be particularly gaited…they make GREaT jumpers though! we have had a few come to my barn that are great.

  7. Aw :) ahaha I’ll let him know you think so 😉 <3 Thank you! He's just starting to be the horse I've always wanted.

  8. Shocking!!! <3 He's so awesome!!

  9. Thank you so much :) He’s my baby!

  10. that horse is gorgeous 

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