Scalia explains textualism

Scalia’s philosophy of constitutional analysis is called Textualism, which he explains as interpreting the text based on what the words say and what was acce…


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  1. “All men are created equal” is not in the Constitution, dumbass. If slavery was outlawed´╗┐ from the start, why did it require the 13th Amendment to abolish it? Or the 19th Amendment for equal voting rights? These amendments are superfluous? You’re the one who’s ridiculous.

  2. His philosophy is ridiculous. By the same notion, slavery should be legal because when the line “all men are created equal” was written, the men writing that owned slaves and did not mean blacks were also equal. Or women for that matter. When times change, we´╗┐ need to change how we look at life. Its called pragmatism and its how we grow as beings. Otherwise we’d always stay the same…as it was written.

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