S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford admits extramarital affair

S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford admits extramarital affair

Footage from a press conference at the S.C. Statehouse Wednesday, June 24.
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  1. SANFORD IS A LAIR. YOU CAN TELL BY THE BODY LANGUAGE. I could tell right off the back that he more than likely have had other affairs… How would he feel if Jenny cheated on him. Why don’t he just disappear and go South of the border to his mistress……I bet he find out very quickly their relatiobship is ridiculous…After all she did finally get around to admitting to him that she was involved with someone. Outside the United States he’s just another Joe the Plumber……The Stupid FOOOOOL.

  2. I completely agree with you. It’s so funny how these self righteous GOP scumbags always quote the BIBLE when they fuck up. As though they have the right to look down on everyone else when it is convenient. FUCK HIM!!!!

  3. If this homophobic scumbag can so easily betray his own family – what can stop him from betraying our country? What a degenerate!

  4. He’s trying to put the best light on the matter…but what I’m really saying is – HE’S STILL LYING ABOUT THE WHOLE AFFAIR!

  5. In the backwards South . For the most part all a politician has to do is qoute the bible and say his wife , God and most importantly NRA forgives him and the Christian zombie base reelects him

  6. You see, this is exactly what happens when you go missing. They put your picture on a milk carton and the husband of the woman you are banging goes out to the store to buy groceries.

    Let this be a lesson to all of you Republicans.

    The new GOP Slogan played to Michael Jackson’s Beat It….ZIP IT.

  7. Keep something else in mind. This is from the same state that crucified John McCain in 2000 and slandered the guy which caused him to lose the Presidency.

    Pay backs are hell aren’t they?

    This is from the same people that gave us all that Mayberry R.F.D. bullshit and Honey Off the Tongue Southern Hospitality. Well Opie, it appears things aren’t going so well at the fishing hole.

    And you people call Yankee’s hypocrites…lol. Well Mark I guess Aunt Bee wont be making you anymore pies.

  8. The bottom line is this….you screwed up big time…lol.

    Will the last Republican leaving Politics please turn off the lights in Washington.

    See, this is again another example of the hypocrisy that exist in the so called Party of God. “We go to church every Sunday, I teach bible class, and I believe in the teachings of the Lord (When it is particularly convenient for me to win votes and bullshit everyone in the country)

  9. (2)
    4th, the fact is I am not a republican. I have no party affiliation. I did not say any of the things you attribute to me. I am not ashamed of being a republican since I am not a republican.

    You continue to engage in these types of fallacious arguments, building strawmen by false attribution, which doesn’t reflect well on your character. It makes you appear to be a dishonest, deceitful, rabid, and demagogic political hack, leaving you with zero credibility. Perhaps it’s not just appearance

  10. (1)1st, I am not your friend.
    2nd, speaking of fallacies, I see you didn’t take my advice to go and learn about logical fallacies and how not to commit them. You continue with the strawman attack.
    3rd, here is the strawman YOU construct and then attack:
    1. I am a republican
    2. I said, “oh, I didn’t like that guy”
    3. I said, ” well I didn’t vote for him”
    4. I am ashamed of being a republican

  11. Good old fashioned morals at its best.

  12. Yeah, if only.

    I don’t know that he has any honor or dignity, as you suggest, left to retain. But, he should go.

    He could hold on, I suppose. I hope he doesn’t. Clinton did finish his term, you are right. Personally, I think his marriage survived because it was in Mrs. Clinton’s personal interest to keep it intact as a ladder to her own future political ambitions.

    When you write, “you” here are you referring specifically to me?

  13. (2) So, to burst your little Quixotesque fantasy:
    I think what Sanford did was appalling and he ought to resign as Governor.

    As for your view that the Democrats are “gloriously supreme” I think you should take your own advice and get some counseling, rather than counciling, as you are clearly delusional and caught up in some kind of religious ecstatic worship of them that is causing you to dwell in unreality.

    Before you post again, I suggest you also go learn how to avoid logical fallacy.

  14. Yes, if only they were public servants, instead of lobbyist servants.

    So you take the Japanese honor approach, commit your seppuku and retain your dignity (whatever is left of it)?

    He COULD just not miss a beat. Clinton finished his presidency and even kept his marriage… I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Affairs shouldn’t keep you from working, they are personal matters.

    All it really comes down to, is tooting your horn as loud as you do when you are no fucking better yourself.

  15. (1)That’s right…you GUESS. More correctly stated…you set up a nice strawman to attack and then run off in self-congratulatory splendor for having put me in MY place! Well done! Well done, if you had actually stated MY opinion and then attacked MY ACTUAL position.

    Where in my post did I say that I am a fan of Sanford’s hypocrisy , or that I follow his “sincere right wing religious…horseshit”? How did Sanford’s conduct stick it up my ass? I didn’t and it doesn’t.

  16. He acts like one.

  17. What makes you think that most republicans want to justify what this loser has done? In fact, it is republicans who at least have the decency after being indecent to step down from office, or to be driven therefrom. It is the democrats who have the penchant for justifying or excusing their perversity and adultery and who shamelessly hold on to office.

    wait, come to think of it..it is both repubs and dems who are perverse, adulterous, money hungry, power mad bastards. In otherwords, politicians

  18. RIght. Let’s trust the unholy democrat snakes, who at least tell you right up front that they have no family values, that they revel in perversity, and in fact have no values at all. Those are the guys we REALLY want to trust.  Thumbs up.

  19. repubs =party of moral family values!! cant claim that anymore 2 repubs party of moral family values 2 in 2 weeks so what do the repubs have to offer now? what are they the party of?  democrats don’t campaign on the family values thing nor do they push religion nor do they push how marriage is sacred it is the republicans that i hear it from over & over if going to campaign on it fallow it other wise shut up makes me sick!! so sick of republican values (Lies) party of moral fam values my Butt!


  21. Ok republicans, justify abandoning post over Father’s Day Weekend, blowing off all family and responsibility to go cheat on your wife.

    Go ahead.

    Justify it. I am all ears

  22. FOX is now saying that Sanford is a Democrat.

  23. PLayer!!! scum-bag!!!

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