Rivals: Jackie Kennedy Vs Marilyn Monroe (part 2) 1/2

Discovery Civilisation. Rivals: Jackie Kennedy Vs Marilyn Monroe. Part 2.


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  1. JKO > Marilyn MonHO

  2. cc michelle and kerry w

    the men who slew jfk own and rule that cia bankster warlord hobama


  3. Maybe that “voice” wasnt Marilyns either-fake.

  4. These were horrible times in which to be a woman, particularly if one was dependent on a man to economic support. If you listen to Jackie Kennedy’s audio tapes you can hear how brainwashed she was then. She said she told her husband she thought that woman who sought power in their own hated men and that “they must be lesbians”.

  5. marilyn has something like macig i can look at her pictures for hours and newer get bored but people says that im more prettier than her face and body but im not agree with them marilyn forever

  6. I’m according to you,she was elegant and smart because was prepared and educated and it’s okay..but she was so submissive and dependent.
    She was playing a morality figure and perfect woman,when some of her actions were inconsistent.

  7. of course, and she never tried to hide it. she believed he was a fascinanting man, but she never even cared for him. her children were acosed by the paparazzy and she needed a help and someone to pay for her clothes. I just admire her determination, intelligence and ambition, and her ability to be so classy. Im not saying you must love her too. I like Marilyn too, but I dislike how peaple see her as a goddess or something, because of what? a mask. an amazing character that she played too well.

  8. So real,She married with Onassis for his money.

  9. Come on;
    She was typical woman;
    I don’t see and hear;Just to be the president’s wife.

  10. LOL She was a far too engaged and engaging to be a “marionette”. The very notion is just too funny for words.
    Any “pretending” she did wasn’t for something as tedious as “society”. Those women had the depth of a parking lot puddle. Setting sail for Ithaka is something they’d never imagine, or understand… much less, do. Her journey was one stirred with excitement as well as sorrow. She was a more like a cultured bohemian.

  11. she wasnt, that`s the beautiful think about her. she was real, never `retending to be anything she wasnt. srry for my english

  12. but don’t means that Jackie was woman perfect like all world think it.

  13. @chismeespres women were perfect. Because of constant episodes of abuse of various kinds, rejection, and abandonment, Norma Jean created Marilyn Monroe as a sheild, but the image and everything that came with it would consume her. Although Jackie was much better off, she also suffered from alienation and infidelity which she turned to money, thinking it would ease her pain.

  14. @chismeespres Monroe was an image, I do believe all famous figures have them, everyone really. There is the real you and the you you want everyone to see. Not only did Marilyn convert to Judaism for her husband Authur Miller, she also stood by him during the Red Scare trials and was the sole reason why he wasn’t blacklisted. Furthermore, she stood up to racism. Ella Fitzgerald owes her career to Marilyn.

  15. Well, as for Lee radziwill, Jackie’s sister, it is said that she slept with Jack, too, and numerous other men, and she was almost a nymphomaniac, and then she found that Prince or what ever he was, but that’s another story. Anyway, they all led quite dissolute lives where money was the most important thing. When i read about them sometimes i think like they were all the same, Jack, Jackie, Marilyn, Lee, Bobby.

  16. oh peaple, dont even pretend Marilyn didnt like all the attention that men gave to her. and dont forget that she lived for the camaras. she wasn`t an angel eighter.

  17. yeah, well, I wish I could see Marilyn stand next to her huspand in a state funeral just weeks after seeing him die next to her. lets face it Marilyn Monroe was the best character Norma Jean ever played. an ilusion, a marionette. we never saw the real person behind the red lips. sorry for my english

  18. No matter what, she still didn’t take anybody’s man, like Jackie did. Jackie stole her own sister’s fiance, Aristole Onasis to use him for his money. I am not saying that Marilyn was perfect and not wrong in some of her personal decisions, but stop trying to act like Jackie was perfect, because she wasn’t, nobody is. Marilyn was a lonely girl and because she was the most famous women, men wanted her and used her as a conquest, lying and feeding her BS further adding to her emotional instability.

  19. i feel sorry for MM she was a sweet and lonely but reallly… messed up girl who just wanted love… but i feel more sorry for jackie.. who is normal yet… taken for granted

  20. DCProductions77 - you were right! Jackie chose money over marrying a husband I read that in a magazine. Also that Jack’s father provided Jackie
    the money which she was offered.

  21. Jackie choose to stay in that marriage. She knew what she was getting herself into. She chose to take money over marrying a husband. She was going to divorce jack way before his presidency. She said she would stay if the kennedys gave her money. When you choose over your own personal morals you lose everytime. Ha did i just here jack was going to marry marlyn. Wow, i hope she didnt fall for that. Yeah, jackie would have been the first woman on oxygen Snapped.

  22. Any docus featuring liars Robert Slatzer and Jeanne Carmen can be guaranteed to be 100% LIES. And morons here..unless you were in the bedroom..YOU KNOW NOTHING.

  23. Oh, and what about the Arthur Miller marriage which she did wreck, and Yves Montand who wouln’t divorce for her (he even said that in public), he was another married man she slept with ,and ok about JFK, but why Bobby too??? the woman was obviously obsessed with living somebody else’s life, and always wanting what doesn’t belong to her, always plotting, until she finally ruined her own life, too. The fact that she was emotionally troubled doesn’t justify her, she knew exactly what she was doing.

  24. Sam Giancana gave the”contract”to murder Marilyn to Felix Alderisio,Charles Nicoletti, Francis Schweihs,Anthony Spilotro,and Frank Cullotta.On the evening Aug.4,1962 mobster Johnny Roselli who knew Marilyn was let in the house.He talked with her before two men entered the living room.They forced a chloroform-soaked cloth over her nose and mouth.They removed her body to the guest cottage.On the bed, a bulb syringe filled with Nembutal,Chloral hydrate and water was released into her colon Murder

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