President Nixon’s frustration with the Liberal Media

President Nixon’s frustration with the Liberal Media.
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  1. Internationally, Obama is perceived as an incredibly weak President. There appears to be no direction from the so-called ‘leader of the West’ at all. The anticipated multi-lateralism has disintegrated into a pile of horse shit. Even American unilateralism would be better. Clearly, the President is a ‘thinker’. But when you ‘over think’ then indecision inevitably results. The developing power vacuum in the West is worrying, and we have at least another three years of this.

  2. It’s interesting to listen to Nixon’s actual phone call to Haldeman following this press conference. He claims that the media looked almost sick that he had ended the war. Speaks volumes.

  3. Damn straight. JFK was a sickly man kept afloat by a dangerous cocktail of drugs – including amphetamines, courtesy of “Dr. Feelgood.” He was largely responsible for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the Berlin Crisis, and Vietnam. Ted Kennedy let a girl drown in the backseat of his car but remained in the Senate for another 40 years. None of the Kennedy Clan have demonstrated any real intelligence or ability since Joe, Sr., the one responsible for all subsequent fame and acclaim.

  4. Nixon was right.

  5. There is some SERIOUS  s**t-talking going on between 2:00-5:44!!! Lol

  6. I read somewhere that the CIA had repeatedly warned the U.S. government about a possible terrorist attack taking place. Unfortunately they never listened. Following 9/11 Bush then thought that he had a legitimate reason to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. The truth is that it was only revenge tactics. In fact the U.S. responded to the September 11 attacks in such a way that all those Islamic extremist groups wanted them to. I’m sick of this ‘eye for an eye’ attitude

  7. Obama is a shitty president but not a socialist. He really seems not to give a fuck about none of the shit he’s trying to push through Congress. A socialist would slap Congress to get what they want. He just takes it and walk away. And this is coming from a free- market capitalist. Only rednecks think Obama is a socialist.

  8. Nixon was right. The Kennedy’s were total sleazebags and the media knew all about it and covered for them all of the time.

  9. So Obama is less of a socialist?

  10. let me make this perfectly clear - unintelligible – expletive deleted

  11. 1:09 Sam Donaldson didnt yell at Nixon, maybe he yelled at Reagan cause he wore a hearing aid

  12. this movie is a good example of the Christian Lefts bashing of conservatives

  13. Ironically, he was quite the Liberal himself.

  14. I don’t think so. But its really pathetic how the right constantly wants to bring up Libya despite the Bush administration ignoring 9 different warnings from intelligence agencies about the 9/11 terrorist attacks therefore allowing 9/11 to happen and costing the lives of 3000 people. Lets not forget about how, declassified documents prove that Bush planned to invade Iraq even before 9/11 and then deliberately lied about the reasons for going into Iraq. Yet, where’s the right on this?

  15. Haha yea right. Clearly, you actually don’t do research. If you did, you would see that Obama got talked about more negatively than Romney and there are more negative things that are brought up about him in the media than positive. Stop making excuses for your losses and failures.

  16. Wow, you sound just as paranoid and delusional is Richard Nixon. But that is what you conservatives always do. You blame others and are always a bunch of paranoid bigots. Shunning every foothold conservatives gain? What foothold? Conservatives have never contributed to anything that is really good. They just delay progress. Age of right wing delusions ladies and gentleman

  17. It’s the liberals who are taking over the media. Shunning every foothold conservatives gain and praising every decision Obama makes despite that those decisions solved no problems and in some instances made things worse. Age of left wing propaganda ladies and gentleman.

  18. its anthony hopkins u twat

  19. Is that guy supposed to be Richard Nixon?
    Because he looks nothing like him.

  20. Media loves Obama dude.

  21. I bet Obama is doing this when he constantly reminded of Libya:)

  22. Bobby and Jack Kennedy didn’t get away with everythinggggggggggggg

  23. Spell check

  24. Kenedys fuckin scum famly!


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