Piano Burning 2012

Piano Burning 2012

A performance of the burning Prepared Piano.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. The composer is John Cage.

  2. The juxtaposition of creation and destruction is jarring. The song raises an old question: “What makes art art?” Does the artist decide or the audience? Shouldn’t good art bring about a strong emotional response? Doesn’t this? The controversy suggests yes.

    I would love to witness a performance. The video captures the sights and sounds, but to also experience smell of the smoke and the heat of the flame would be far more interesting. What a sensual piece!

  3. Annea Lockwood, “Piano Burning.”

  4. It upsets me to watch this as I’m sure many unspoken others. If one were to realize the time and energy that goes into building such an amazing instrument, why would one want to destroy it so thoughtlessly in the name of art. A quote from the video is “I am a little disappointed that the pings are so short”, if you had any basic knowledge about the physics involved you wouldn’t need to burn a piano to find that out.

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