P&G Intern Talent Show – Beatbox

yea… ~~~ I DONT KNOW WHY THIS IS SO BAD QUALITY ~~~ ~~~ MY SMART ROOMMATE FILMED THIS ~~~ Props to Leejay for leeting me pretty much steal his routine.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. pro

  2. you said your K snare wasn’t really a K snare. hah.

  3. not sure, i dont really have a snare?

  4. what snare

  5. “friend” of leejay haha iive exchanged some emails with him and asked him if i could use his stuff

  6. yea dude, my K snare isnt really a K snare haha

  7. is that what it sounded like or is the quality messed up that bad. I mean the bass and stuff sound ok in the video… but the K snare sounds WAY too high. Good job though.

  8. Alvin! Alvin! Alvin!

  9. legit

  10. You’re a friend of Leejay?

    Anyways, this was pretty good, I don’t think I’m better than you 😉


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