Obama religious again, honors Billy Graham

After nearly four years off from being religious, president obama is born again – and overwhelmed by the power of his mountaintop audience with Billy Graham….
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  1. There are a great many things that I disagree with that Obama has done in the past and is doing currently still in his second term, but never-the-less, God has ordained him as our president and we should show him respect even if we disagree with him. (I am speaking to myself as well) I, myself, have a hard time respecting a man that blasphemes the Bible and outright embraces Islam, sexual impurity, legal murder (abortion) and open racism towards the white race.

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  3. He does write his speeches.

  4. Study Revelation 13 and Daniel 7. They Identify the anti-Christ by describing it’s characteristics.

  5. What does the Word of God say about the anti-christ????

  6. He plays to whatever audience he speaks to in order to keep Christians from turning from him. M Brotherhood, Islam is where he holds his heart. It’s apparent in his passionate convictions when he speaks regarding Islam.

  7. Billy Graham is a freemason who pushes the prosperity neo-evangelist style of Rome. He always has. I know his cousin personally and YES HE IS A FREEMASON. There are too many sources to confirm this so get mad at him not me for the truth. All I see here is the devil in blue smiling and praising the devil in red.

    Google: Obama to label Christianity as mental illness. Well guess what he’s playing the game that the PAPACY is telling him to. Google Obama and the Jesuits.

  8. What about abortion and gay marriage? The God of the old testament is the God of the new testament. God is the same yesterday today and forever.

  9. No, the Bible* (learn to fuckin’ punctuate) was composed by illiterate, Arabian savages and translated (“mal-translated”, I should say) by privileged constituents of the bourgeois. I don’t “obey” intellect, I value it; unfortunately, there is not much of it to be found in the realm of Christianity. I’m glad you’re either proving or satirizing the idiocy and ignorance of Christians, though…well done. If your god can intervene “miraculously” only after catastrophes, is he malevolent or inept?

  10. He may have been born again at a point in his life but I think he is falling prey to societies lies and deception in a bid to win more votes which is sad.

  11. The bible no matter how old is Truth! If u don’t believe every word who do u know Jesus actually loved everybody? By the way most of the writers of the bible were lawyers, doctors, former princes they dont sound illiterate to me. Pls read more on Jesus yes he taught us about loving others but 1st he said love & obey God. Human right issue is made by Man not GOD so whose intellect and laws do u obey God or man? We simply obey,no compromise or its disobedience & the result eternal death!

  12. God love err body. Even obama no matter what.

  13. Obama a christian…..I’m in that weird part of Youtube again..

  14. …& you’re deducing God’s opinions & feelings on certain issues based off of a thousand year-old, outdated book initially composed by illiterate, Palestinian sheep-herders? Jesus Christ taught to love everyone & treat others how you’d like to be treated; giving them basic human rights & not treating them like second-class citizens falls into the categorical law. If you’re opposed to that, you’re not a true Christian, for it is a philosophy; a way of life; not a intellectual confinement.

  15. IgnostU was here

  16. Barak Obama ,US President

  17. Now will Billy Graham put his website back that Mormonism is a cult religion boy what hypocrisy God exposed this month!

  18. Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. 1st John 3:15
    The Anti Christ will have a false Christ, not a false Buddha or Muhammad.
    Romney couldn’t end gay marriage or abortion that was decided at the state level Grow the heck up Christians.

  19. So someone in a religion who Graham taught against for years and believing Jesus is the Spirit brother of Lucifer, and Baptism of the dead for salvation was the answer for our nation??? That is hypocrisy and Jesus hated religious hypocrisy. He also said hatred in the heart was murder, just like abortion

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  22. Why would he endorse Billy Graham, a well known jew-hating fraud?

  23. Obama: I pray for you all have a chip in your hand or in your forehead by 2013.

  24. Obama is Muslim, but he does everything to be president again.

  25. If He loves homosexuals like all humans, then what’s the problem? Don’t let it bother you. Just be thankful that we live in a country that moves forward and actually progresses. If you look outside of our borders, there are some countries where homosexuals get stoned! Like I said, just be grateful.

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