Norma Jean and Marilyn Part 11

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  1. Did arthur miller really love her? From my understanding he wasn’t very nice to her and made fun of her in a way through his writing .

  2. Omg why did the movie writers have to be assholes to her? Dont they know that she’s talented and nothing more?!

  3. why upload half a movie ….

  4. Marilyn Monroe was supposed to be charming, but the way they portray her makes her seem annoying and constantly acting insecure.

  5. the way shes making her voice it makes her sound stupid!!how come they didnt show her with frank sinatra???i mean they wer really good friends

  6. the very end of her laugh at 07:08 sounds more marilyn monroe than this whole overdone husky nazal voice she seems to be portraying

  7. although it seems awful, if you think about it, it matches her personality. Norma had to become Marilyn if she was going to be anything. Children experiencing extreme trauma tend to develop personalities to help them escape the pain of remembering or reliving their pain. Alot of people remain undiagnosed of schizophrenia. My stepfather molested me while i was growing up and to escape i’d lie and pretend to be someone else in order not feel “dirty” or guilty of being unlucky

  8. i love how they make her seem like a schizophrenic in this movie….terrible

  9. part 12 ?

  10. Depression is a mother fucker…..poor MM :(. One of my best friends died in 2007 of suicide. She was beautiful like MM…very much like MM :(.

  11. I think it might be more of a tv documentary. Is Blonde closer to describing how she really died and if Bobby Kennedy was there the night she died?

  12. Have you read Blonde? I heard that’s one book that’s “fiction” but really very good. Is Goddess a TV movie or an actual film?

  13. I just finished reading The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe and they missed some key things. Plus the end of the movie only shows that directors idea of how she might have died. There are so many theories that there was a plot to kill her over her red diary and that she was a threat to the government/Kennedy’s. i would like to find “Goddess” and watch that now to see if it was done better.

  14. I agree, but she’s has more screen presence and is a better actress in general.

  15. I think she was meant to be the stronger personality over Marilyn, as Norma Jean she was much smarter and had more self-confidence.

  16. ashely judd is the steal stealer. miscast!!

  17. I have endometriosis as well as my mother and her mother before her. While it CAN cause infertility, that is not always the case. It depends on where the extra endometrium grows. If it grows on the ovaries or the fallopian tubes, it could cause some damage.

  18. Why don’t you all read some authentic biographies of Marilyn ? ? ?

  19. Why don’t you all read some authentic biographies of Marilyn ? ? ?

  20. Why don’t you all read some authentic biographies of Marilyn ? ? ?

  21. if this movie is authentic i never knew that marilyn was kind of loony, i mean i knew she had depressions and i felt sorry for her. In this movie she is kinda portrayed as the “bad guy”, and i always assumed she was the victim

  22. Actually Marilyn had endometrioses, which made it almost impossible for her to have children. She wasn’t butchered. Her autopsy report states there were no signs she ever had an abortion.

  23. she takes pills a lots and baby own’t come. even ature miller whatever his name on. i’ve seend the video.. Her sysetem in her body is a problem lik her life is bottle.

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