Nixon discusses dropping the big one in the Vietnam War

Nixon discussing dropping the big one in the Vietnam War.


  1. right on

  2. It goes without saying. What matters is that they are able to feel and think still. At least that makes it better…than what it could be.

  3. Yep all the white liberals and their jew masters claim race does not exist…that is until its time to give niggers affirmative blacktion or ignore stories about niggers murdering whites while screaming about Trayvon 24/7 nonstop in their controlled media even though the little thug got his justice from Zimmerman.

  4. Perhaps the students themselves were not Communists or even Jews but the people controlling the Vietnam war narrative via the media most certainly were. The white Communists and the Jewish race that invented Communism used the power of the Jew’s mass media control to foment destabilization and demoralization in America by portraying the US war against Jew Communism in Vietnam in only the most negative light which led to mass protests and near Commie Jew revolution in America.

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  6. No, you’re wrong, KKKocksucker.

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  8. “We all have it coming, kid.” -“Unforgiven” (Clint Eastwood, 1992)

    The students at Kent State (or in most of the nation) were not Communists; you’re the one who is brainwashed.

    I want to see your educational resume, clown.

  9. At Kent State? No, they did no possess bombs and the “violence” was minimal, feckless, and in response to the unwarranted militarism of the National Guard. Go to your local library and spend some days there reading about what happened, rather than guessing and revealing yourself to be a brainwashed ignoramus.

  10. The Vietnam War constituted a disaster before Nixon became president, wise guy. Indeed, at the beginning of the war, there wasn’t much opposition in America, yet it still went badly.

  11. You’re a disgrace to the human race … and a moronic bigot.

  12. We lost the war because of subversive Jews controlling the media and turning public sentiment against the war which prolonged it, made it more violent and chaotic and ultimately succeeded in doing what the Jews wanted ie demoralizing and destalizing America and making the white race America’s founders doubt our own integrity and honor. Basically the wrong side lost WWII. Communist Jewry were the only winners.

  13. Bombing Hanoi probably would have been the best thing to do. Hindsight = 20/20

  14. Its cultural communism. In South Africa before Apartheid they had the Communist Suppression Act. When Nelson came in…he removed it, and now look what’s happening. Communism is unrealistic, hypocritical and Jewish racism at its core. Its anti-white.  All the liberal school say race doesn’t exist. And science does not prove it. A social construct is a cultural construct. Race is science.

  15. They had bombs. The students resorted to violence.

  16. Those communist students had it coming. They are being brainwashed. Yuri Bezmenov, Marxist-Leninist psychological warfare.

  17. I think your about the only person who thinks he didnt do a good job

  18. yeah, JT Walsh(who played Erlichman) wanted to go in that direction. Stone agreed to do that, to show a conflicting view, that they weren’t 100% corrupt, etc. Absolutely, he ends up looking like mr. clean, when he was anything but that. He was as ferocious as Haldeman and Kissenger.

  19. The counter culture is the reason we lost the war. Not Nixon.

  20. You know what? Fuck baby boomers. They grew up to be worse than these assholes; and are still condoning ppl like kissinger anyway.

  21. Plz dont say that. Im sorry, im just really uncomfortable with sharing a diagnosis with that MADMAN

  22. Interesting.

  23. Not a psychopath, just an incredibly intelligent, but very flawed man. I’ve had conversations with people who think he made have had Asperger Disorder/ Syndrome. The more I’ve studied Asperger Disorder/ Syndrome, the more I’m convinced that their theories may carry some validity.

  24. I remember Nixon. What’s the consensus? Was he a psychopath?

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