Newsmakers Interview: Ann Voskamp

Patrick Henry College’s journalism professor and holder of the Distinguished Chair of Journalism and Public Policy, Dr. Marvin Olasky, interviewed best-selli…


  1. I love the book. I is quietly changing lives in our small church. Do not let the first page turn you astray, it is a little strange, but flows lovingly and lovely into the next chapters.

  2. great interview! can’t wait to read the book (=

  3. I found her book so powerful and beautiful and I can see she is incapable of being anyone other than who she is , I appreciate how she is so personal and vulnerable in this context , and it seems sort of strange, out of place.. rare.. may God continue to give her that place of rest and strength where she is able to continue to bless so many from such a small place, yet from that limitless expanse of His heart

  4. hello, ann stated that her mother was raised catholic. please listen to the video again. i am sorry you felt like she was making a statement about the catholic faith…i am almost positive she isn’t doing that. only trying to help a sister out. with kindness and love

  5. Thank you for sharing. We were out of the office over the holidays, thus the delay in approving your comment.

  6. This is wonderful…but, I find it odd that Ann claims to not be raised in a Christian home and then stated that she was raised Catholic. Catholic’s do believe that Jesus Christ is the the son of God that He was gifted to us as our Only Savior…to shed His innocent blood for our sins. Like any home that is Christian….You simply did not practice your Christianity…Please do not mislead others. “Cultural Cathloic” no such thing…Your family did not practice their Christianity. Be Blessed…

  7. Beautiful. Thanks PHCollege for clearing up the link.

  8. blessed is she that comes in the name of the lord. humility personified what an example.

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