Monica Lewinsky Interview [Part 6 of 6]

The complete broadcast interview with Monica Lewinsky and Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20. Air date was March 3, 1999.
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  1. pray for this sick country

  2. delusional woman

  3. I definitly c Monica in a different way than wot i did wen this Affair first broke, Bill played his part n yet one person who was in a 2 way affairwas served the worst criticism.. Wow!!

  4. lol, she’s a two-faced, hypocrite. She set him up, I think.

  5. …and? Exactly what impact did it have on the country?

  6. The topic of debate isn’t the fact that she had sex, it’s that she initiated a relationship with the married President.

  7. Both are at fault; Clinton in by no means was a victim. The victims were the First Lady and their daughter. Monica made the initial advances and Clinton accepted. Monica should’ve realized this was the President she’s dealing with, and felt she was important for doing so. On the flip side, Clinton should’ve realized that he was the most powerful man in the country and his career was on the line. In the first place; she pursued a married man.

  8. And the married man took advantage–of a young girl.
    Unconscionable and unforgiveable.
    Sen Packwood was hounded out of office for an affair with staff member.
    When Clinton did same thing, then lied, NOW stated that “Bill Clinton was no angel, but he is with us.”
    God help our country.

  9. She created the mess? I guess any man who cheats on his wife is just a victim, eh?

  10. no. She said she blamed herself. It’s the President’s fault. He was in the position of power. He was older, and then he pretended like nothing ever happened.

  11. shut your mouth

  12. Bill’s the one who is sick. I mean, look what he did? Look how he acted? He was more sick than she was.

  13. And this shows why men should think twice before getting involved with these flings. They’re putting their lives, their careers, and their family into the hands of someone with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. To the guy, it’s a matter of high importance that it never gets out. To the woman, they are proud of it and go around babbling without a care, and then get surprised when the man’s life comes crashing down.

  14. having said that, I do think she was wronged by Linda Tripp, and I can understand how devastating it must have been for Monica to be in the situation she was in. But she was not with reality. When you fuck a married man, what do you think you are? You really expect the guy to love you forever and forget his life for some random fling? The fact that these women become so shocked when it doesn’t turn out right shows they never quite grasped the reality of the situation to begin with.

  15. What I see in Monical Lewinsky is mental illness. And it’s unfortunately not an uncommon one. Monica fell in love and perused a married man, and then was somehow shocked when it didn’t turn out the way she envisioned in her fantasyland mind. I think this happens often with women who have flings with married men. They somehow expect more, and are then crushed when they find out they’re just a fling to the man. They feel like they were just “garbage” But really that’s all they were to begin with

  16. Walters’ last statement sounded very tabloidish

  17. She seems incredibly selfish and stupid

  18. monica is so pretty, smart and nice. shouldn’t be difficult for her to find the right person :-)

  19. Monica Lewinsky has received so much more hatred and animosity than she deserved. This country is full of dumb, panicky, gossipy, hypocritical fucktards. It’s sex… Who the fuck cares? I hate people so much sometimes. Such stupid animals.

  20. I’ve been watching this mostly because I wanted to observe Barbara Walter’s interview style. It’s absolutely fascinating, she is not empathetic, she doesn’t emotionally relate or tell her own stories, she isn’t really surprised by anything being said. She has this great calm demeanor, and asks questions in a way which has a slight subtlety of tone which gives the impression that she really cares about how you feel.

  21. hahahaha…I’m so disappointed in his behavior…

  22. Clit…on taught her how to cry on command…an essential tool for any public farce. Hell awaits.

  23. this monica Lewinsky story would make an amazing movie.

  24. At least Monica had Olivia Pope on her side! lol #Scandal

  25.  I love you,

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