Liberal Hypocrisy on Obama Vs Bush – Poll

Liberal Hypocrisy on Obama Vs Bush - Poll

Are liberals in favor of policies under Democratic President Barack Obama that they despised under Republican President George Bush? Sadly the answer is yes …
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  1. LOL, good parody of a typical libertarian troll. I particularly like the intentional misspelling at the end.

  2. Right Darian, Democrats who make Excuses for him always Blame Republicans now, Well they controlled nothing for 2 Full years In Obama’s First term, also the Democrats won the 2007 Congressional elections Criticizing the IRAQ WAR, Which they then fully-funded & Continued until almost 2012 WTF MAN!

  3. he must be the SHITTIEST Socialist in the history of the world! A typical Socialist Healthcare Plan wouldn’t require You to buy PRIVATE-INSURANCE!

  4. Conservatives: Conquer the world via direct war, support dictators/death squads, eliminate social programs to put people into poverty, fuck the gays, no negros and mexicans in our suburbs

    Liberals: Control the world via supporting brutal regimes/proxy wars/drones but don’t rush into direct war (unless we KNOW we can get away with it), cut social programs little by little so no one notices, allow higher class non-whites to join us too but prevent the entire population from noticing class issues

  5. image n just the president tuns over by the Islam, and f**k us up, please God gives us a brake. that will be a great movie….

  6. You just completely lied about the Republicans stopping Obama from closing Guantanamo bay. At the time when president Obama try to close Guantanamo the Republicans had absolutely no power to stop anything wanted to do. If the Republicans could stop anything they would have stop Obamacare from passing. In fact it was the Democratic Party thats stopped President Obama from closing Guantanamo and putting the terrorists on trial in New York.Either you’re ignorant or a liar and hoping I’m ignorant.

  7. Obama & Bush both war criminals.

  8. Is there any other option presides finding the bottom. I know it’s amazing how deep it can go but can humanity take it? Also right-libertariansim is an evil anti-social form of dogma and I’m not going along with it

  9. Left and right may hate each other but with out one or the other you destroy the balence and society gets corrupted

  10. Obama is a socialist. I speak the truth. But liberals won’t agree with me because they have no commen sence.

  11. Good that you flipped out and Now that He Re Elected his agenda will Destroy America

  12. I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with this guy. Have I accidentally stepped into an alternate universe?

  13. It means your left leg is shorter than your right leg.

  14. And this is why libertarianism is the future. Both parties have veered outside the comfort zone of your average American. After Obama is out of office and we got a Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich in office, people will start to wake up.

  15. If someone leans left, left means liberal or Democrat, and leans means they lean more to the side of the typical types of ideas that liberals have, lean significa reclinar mas o menos, o se reclina hacia el lado mas liberal.

  16. hey what does it mean to lean left?

  17. I’m a Democrat and an Obama supporter… BUT I think Guantanamo should be closed immediately, the NDAA and Patriot Act should be flushed down the toilet, and drone strikes are a travesty. Go, Cenk! I like you because you tell the truth and are not afraid to criticize liberals when they are wrong.

  18. This is why I believe political parties have no place in the democratic process. Way to easy for the drones.

  19. Liberals being hypocrites tell me it aint so

  20. “…he probably wouldn’t resort to childish like mocking and imitating to make his point”
    But that’s what makes TYT sometimes interesting, but sometimes this is how they also try to drive home a point as effective as they can.

  21. He seems pretty far left to me, but whatever, you don’t have to agree with me. I am surprised he “grew up as a Conservative”. I mean if his arguments now are so strong and so obviously correct, he probably wouldn’t resort to childish like mocking and imitating to make his point

  22. Cenk leans left, but he’s not that far left. If he was, you wouldn’t have posted that comment because this video wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Let’s not forget he used to grow up as a Conservative until he was disillusioned by their agendas.

  23. He’s been wailing on Obama for compromising with republicans. Cenk’s as far left as they come.

  24. Oh, Cenk has been wailing on Obama just as much as he has with Republicans. Hell, even mocked the Obamabots too.

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