Joni Mitchell Interview

Joni talks about a range of subjects concerning her life and career.


  1. It’s rehearsed bullshit whether it’s true or not and you’re the Dumbshit for not seeing it. Look at the other interviews, she has a set script that pukes out her same old history, philosophies, etc. It makes her look phoney and shows no respect for her fan base.

  2. Maybe what she is saying is just TRUE. Dumbshit.

  3. this is my only criteria for finding me a wife.

  4. I GOT BIG TEEF!!!!!

  5. Joni is an eagle, soaring fr above the rest.

  6. She said EXACTLY the same shit in the CBC 2013 interview!! Rehearsed or what!

  7. Such an inspiring word! Her words are SO sweet and tenderly spoken!

  8. She’s such a wonderful painter, such a talented poet. When she quote’s ‘Amelia’, I die. I sing that song every time I walk my dogs. I love you, Joni xxx

  9. I found a cat (or she found me) , April 2012, in a parking lot in Manhattan, I swear to god, she told me her name was Joni Mitchell. She’s the best cat ever, she tight rope walks on the wrought iron fence and insists on sleeping in the hammock between my calves. Always loved Joni, now I have a tangible Joni.

  10. then hugged a tree…

  11. hugged my cat…

  12. after this…just… don’t it feels like wanting to just … hug someone…anyone…or anything?…

  13. I wonder what “row” that teacher is in now?

  14. Who did the interview? Where does it come from? If I wanted to quote from it, I’d have to know these things. As such, it is only of interest to a lay audience, the sort who want to moon over Joni without being able to document her opinions. Otherwise, it is thoughtful and articulate and J. looks healthy. In one year, she went from that to looking and sounding a bit like a fermished old grandma.

  15. more more more more more more more…….. could listen to her forever.

  16. joni you are soo smart i just wish you did not smoke!!

    i love your music beyond my heart

    travelin to my soul

  17. I’ve been trying to live my whole life. Still trying….

  18. Joni is a starseed for sure. She brings a prodigy talent that is not of this world as well as a higher caring and honesty. This is where I want to live. Thanks Joni for being YOU!

  19. Thank you so much! :)

  20. 9:16 – muse + ic in which I think Joni really was alluding to ‘ick’, that whole part would of been really great to see/hear, what more she had to say about that. But, alas, it was edited out it appears and skipped to chord ideas. Shame.

    But a very interesting interview, I learned some things and I could relate, especially the last part.


  21. Crows are one of the most intelligent birds around.

  22. Yep – Les Trois Cloches – the version she mentions is live (in B&W) on Youtube, just listening to it now <3

  23. Anyone know what Edith Piaf song she’s talking about at 8:48

  24. Oh My God! The nuns did this to us as well…I can’t believe this was happening across the country….I thought this only happened in our neck of the woods (Maritimes)…what a way to pick away at a child’s confidence.

  25. slickvguy-I discovered Joni and Bob Dylan when I was 18. Jackson Browne is the one that was ‘barely on my radar’ when I was teen but later in life ‘fell in love’ with Jackson Browne. I am an artist, writer and songwriter and in earlier years had a great deal of disappointment & hardship. Who else would I relate to more than Joni Mitchell? My life got more painful, and in 1981 God stepped in and I’ve never been the same.Songwriters hv provided empathy,& beauty but Christ gv me life & love<3

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