John F. Kennedy on Separation of Church and State, PART FOUR

PART FOUR OF FOUR: Senator John F. Kennedy, the first non-Protestant president, came to Texas as a candidate for president in 1960 to reassure voters of his …
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  1. TY NationalApostacy that was very interestink :)
    The difference between JFK and GW Bush is astounding, or any other President except Clinton, on how they could think on their feet, in front of a crowd. Not saying I liked either one of them. They were both Papal´╗┐ puppets, as were all of our Presidents, going back to at least Teddy Roosevelt. And probably even back to Lincoln, who tore this nation apart, as a part of a Jesuit plan, to centralize our Government.

  2. JFK’s father was a Knight of Malta. So we are to believe that as President, JFK would have rejected their demands, if they were Unconstitutonal? Not a chance. Also Jackie went to Georgetown, a Jesuit University, which has direct connections to the Jesuit´╗┐ General Himself (The man would rules the world). JFK’s affair Marilyn, was probably set up, in order to gain more control over him and his Unpapal decisions.

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