Jerk Bosses – On The Verge

Nilay Patel takes to the streets to find out if people would rather work for a jerk or a pushover. Watch the full episode here:…
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  1. It’s all about being a Jerk or Pushover in the right places & time. In my case I’m a pushover when it comes to social & culture in the company. But when it comes to executing and operating responsibilities, I’m a Jerk. Something I learnt early on, “This is not a democracy, I am the dictator”.

  2. Now that I think about it, I’ve yet to encounter a jerk as a boss. And I’d like to. As one of the interviewee said, it’s a challenge. And I need some incentive to be real productive at work :

  3. People need to stop reading/watching CNET & Engadget. The Verge is all you need.

  4. Which one is josh then?

  5. I think companies need to have two bosses; the jerk + the pushover. Why you ask? well its in our nature of how we work best. like in families: the mother + the father or even like Good cop bad cop. I cant think of any more right now but what im trying to say is that maybe business is just like running a big family.

  6. A jerk or a pushover? They both suck. Why not someone who gives orders and does their job, but loves the employees? I’m sure there are a handful of these.

  7. I’d say fired him Josh.

  8. I agree with the rest of the comments, your videos are so polished and cool to watch, you make something amazing out of a simple idea. Congratulations.

  9. Your videos are the best in class

  10. The Verge Is SOO good at video editing 😀

  11. idc, u know u think that every single time when some person do this so idc

  12. is hard when u dont love what u do 😉

  13. Which is that wireless mic used by Nilay?

  14. A good boss doesn’t have to be a jerk or a pushover. Couldn’t they be both?

  15. You don’t seem to have as good a grasp of it as you think you do. Enjoy yourself though. Quadlinguist here; and learning any new language is HARD

  16. ohhh the irony.

  17. I didn’t know that Kanye West had such a jerky boss.

  18. verge for the fucking win

  19. I learned it in two years, I also speak French and, as I told you, native Portuguese.
    He was a freaking photographer, does he need to learn how to speak english to be able to take some cool photos?!? And yeah, I’ve noticed you learned English the wrong way due to your spelling too..
    And in two years (it was actually 1.7 years) I can even sing half of Eminem’s songs while still preserving my good Portuguese and speaking moderate French.
    But a photographer doesn’t need to know what I do.

  20. very impressive, my girlfriend is brazilian and i learn portuguese on the school like just like u so… 3 lenguages without so many effort, and japanese at the 30%

    is hard for ppl who dont have brain, i learn english in a game online and u say is hard? U.U

  21. Doesn’t seem like so, I’m Portuguese (Europe) and I know how hard it is to learn another language. He knew simple stuff, fuck you. And trolling a troll is quite stupid, but someone had to do it..

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