James Madison H.S. Brooklyn, New York Class of 1971 – The Way It Was

As Year Book Photographer for the Class of 1971, I took hundreds and hundreds of photos from 1969 to 1971 with my old Canon FT film SLR. This slide show cont…


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  1. does anyone remember a Virgina Ortiz from class of 72? maybe nicknamed Ginger

  2. this is an awesome video. i was there. i wasnt in the pics but i knew the people . i went to Madison from 1969-1972. great job Steve Mekler.

  3. I can’t bring mah phone there wah

  4. Madision changed

  5. sorry madison is the worst school i have ever went to.

  6. Class of ’65 and I remember my darkroom also. My mother helped pay for my big Bessler because she was taking classes at Kingsborough. Comm. College. I wish I knew where all the negatives I shot ended up.

  7. aloshja dla teba

    hustilin is the way i roll, bitches on ma dick thats the way i flow

  8. 09 baby..I miss Madison

  9. Lol all the scandals are ridiculous

  10. SEN10RS =) JMHS

  11. Now we got another lovely scandal…sexy -_- not


  13. That was an interesting story!

  14. I was Class of ’65, I remember so many of the teachers. I also schlepped a camera in during my supposed Senior Year. I passed the English Regents by 4 points but Jenny the Jet flunked me. I discussed it with Chet Fulmer he said there was nothing he could do since Jenny was inviolate. He signed up for his night school class at Erasmus and told me to go home, I passed. That was the year his family all died in a fire. I also signed up for 3 other classes to make sure I had an “Academic” Diploma..

  15. wow things have changed a bit not in a good way either, we (2012) would never be able to bring cameras to school and snap like that.

  16. wow ain’t that some shit! we both went and go to the same schools. And we met by a simple comment

  17. yes :)

  18. lol and did you go to I.S.278 as well? (judging by your youtube name)

  19. same.

  20. Hi, my mom graduated JMHS in 1971, and is in this video. She talks about JMHS all the time, and we frequently talk about what a great time we had in high school. She feels that JMHS was hit hard by the race riots, and I feel that my high school, (near Washington DC) was hit hard by NCLB. She gets so nostalgic whenever she talks about JMHS, and I find it interesting that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  21. feels strange since I currently attend the school today

  22. Great pictures, I just got into photography and I wish I had taken pictures of my mates back in high school…. The picture @ 4m30s those black girls, for some reason it took me back to my high school days. I know that Time has passed, but do you still talk to anyone form off the class of ’71? I’m a young buck with a love for photography … Great work, cheers mate.

  23. I did not attend James Madison but I really enjoyed watching this. I think this was a good time period to attend HS in Brooklyn compared to today.

  24. Great photography and video presentation. You are one heck of a photographer. It sure makes me feel nostalgic for the old school and neighborhood.

    Damon Raphael, JMHS Class of 1952

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