Jack Part 4

The life of JFK continued.


  1. Exactly. It was not just that he was a brilliant man and wonderful speaker with tremendous leadership abilities, nor was it just because he was good looking, it was also because he was so much fun and so endearing. Most Americans fell in love with him. In my opinion if you could really look at this man on film as President and not love him, you are one cold person.

  2. Heroic people have heroic flaws..

  3. how can you not fall in love with jack kennedy at 2:54

  4. I’m SO SICK of people trampling the memory of this amazing brilliant man. WHO CARES about his personal faults? Great men have great faults. He and his brother were the best and the brightest we ever had. There never will be anyone like them again, as much as “some” people wold love to be them and as much as some people love to compare others to them, there IS no comparison. They were true public servants, who had the PEOPLES interests at heart.

  5. Had Joe Sr. strictly taught Jack nt to womanise and drink, Jack wud have been the most perfect man. The worst choices that he made in people were to befriend Frank Sinatra,other Pat Rack guys & Peter Lawford. They were the worst people driving Jack crazy when it came to women, they made him indulge. Jack thought, after all the day’s hard work, that he “deserves” havin fun and that was the worst conduct that could have impeached him and certainly did make Edgar do whatever he wanted.

  6. JFK and his father were both womanisers. RFK was the one about whom Edgar Hoover made up stories. But other than JFK’s womanising, he was a good president.

  7. I don’t think so either but maybe it was the fact that Kennedy looked so *good* that in comparison made nixon look bad.

  8. Nixon’s camp made them repaint the background? Sheesh, I wonder if he asked for a bowl full of only green M&Ms too.

  9. yes he was a womenizer but come on people jack kennedy once said the only reason i got married was i had to be a family man to be president and comically saying i didn’t want people to think i was a homo. jackie knew it to some people just are not good canidates for being a husband but he still is a great man and was an even greater father he loved those kids may he rest in peace

  10. @DocJinxx , i dont normally reply to year old comments but i have to say this comment posted by you contains the exact same sentiment i hold in regard to JFK.During his presidency the U.S was truly loved around the world,from ireland to mexico the Man was swarmed by enthusiastic crowds,despite his faults he done his best and made a valiant turn towards peace,this is why he is still loved.

  11. nixon doesn’t look all that ugly during the debate

  12. Further comment, there is no guarantee that a politician who is a faithful husband will be a great President. But by using that as a barometer by which to judge a candidate, we could ace out someone who would be the most inspirational, the most innovative, and the most capable of leading us through crisis, coming up with the most imaginative ways to resolve it, capable of saying no to an idea when all his advisers are saying yes – and this country will be the loser for that.

  13. I agree with so much said below. Someone once said that great men have great flaws. I think that is often the case. Many of us are undisciplined in our own lives in some way about some things. So how can be sit in judgment on someone else. Arthur Schlesinger in the intro to the most recent edition of his book, “A Thousand Days” wrote that Cambodian Leader Pol Pot was completely devoted to his wife and was never unfaithful – and yet he kiled thousands upon thousands of his own people.

  14. Exactly! His strengths certainly outweigh his negatives.

  15. He was a womanizer–but not as much as haters like to say he was. But anyway, who cares? D’you expect him to be perfect? No one’s perfect. He was so good in every other way you just know there had to be a flaw somewhere.

    But yeah, Hoover was a lying hatemongerer. He blackmailed people with stuff they didn’t even do.

  16. he was NOT a womanizer- that’s what his killers want you to think. Those were all made up by his killer, J Edgar Homo!!!

  17. Great stuff. Kennedy was a descent man all around except for his womanizing. He was a cad that way, one of the traits he picked up from his father.

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