How to Get Rid of Stuff

Getting rid of things, even if they have sentimental value, isn’t that hard. Just take a picture of things before you pass them on! You’ll be able to hold on…
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  1. Hurrah!

  2. Because I AM.

  3. Sure thing! Step one for you is getting your teeth to perfectly match mine in size and configuration. I’m… uh… I’m sure it can happen! Maybe you’re my long-lost twin?

  4. Why do you always look like you’re planning on going to Ascot?

  5. This is BRILLIANT. I get rid of everything (even if it does have sentimental value), since I hate “items”…but now I will at least take a photo first :)

  6. Hahaaa!!!
    And hey, it’s what I’ve done, at least. It’s not like we have any intention of framing those childhood drawings and proudly displaying them as adults, anyhow, and just leaving them in a box doesn’t do much good for anyone!

  7. Thanks!

  8. Good thing pocket watches can be justified as worth keeping due to their small size! It’s perfectly good to hold on to a couple sentimental objects. It’s only problematic when we find the need to hold on to EVERYTHING.

  9. Thanks jeffshubert! And hey, if one can manage to get rid of everything without much trouble, I suppose there’s no *point* in having that camera around. 😀

  10. Hahaa, well, don’t do *that*!

    … unless you have a shiny new replacement, that is.

  11. Heheh. yeah. And you bet!

  12. Way to make the most of that free time! So true.

  13. I was laid off a couple years ago, so I had a few months off in the winter.

    I went through everything in my two bedroom apartment and I ended up with about 30 garbage bags full of crap that I have never missed. It’s so easy to just pack things away in a closet and forget about them, but eventually it will start to overflow into the rest of your life.

  14. Domo!? And I like this idea a lot! Trying to do away with hoarders of the world? 😉

  15. Good idea but what if I have to get rid of my camera?

  16. Might do that with my so called friends. But some items are so important no picture can come close to having the Item in question. For example my pocket watch, I need it to tell the time so a picture is only accurate twice a day.

  17. That’s a really good one!

  18. As my friend once never said, ‘Does this apply to bodily fluids?..’
    Honestly was sceptical at first, but you’re right all those wads of childhood drawings I don’t want to get rid of shall be photographed and then will be disposed of =)

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