GH ~ General Hospital ~ 7/31/13

GH ~ General Hospital ~ 7/31/13

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Iiiiiiii

  2. гендальф рулит!

  3. Why is that Rafe kid still around? He’s such a waste of space.

  4. Still don’t like Morgan! He whines too damn much!!

  5. Look at the mother…

  6. I have not watched in a year. I like sexy Morgan…..Molly is incredibly annoying still….and Carly still feels like Michael and Morgan are 6 years old.

  7. Carly’s face when confronting Michael about them being cousins was priceless.

  8. And the stupid shirt that hangs off her shoulders.

  9. Sonny is really being a bad father here. Times like this is when a parent must prove him himself by doing what’s best for the child, versus being concerned about whether or not the child likes him at the moment. Granted, I don’t necessarily think it’s Sonny’s place to tell Michael the truth (Morgan should do that himself), but Sonny should not be supporting Morgan’s decision by blessing the arrangement. He should be doing his best to get Morgan to tell the truth.

  10. Olivia really needs to lay low off the botox for a while, but love her!

  11. Love that there is a photo of Sonny, Michael and Morgan with Dylan Cash as Michael, and that little cutie that played Morgan.

  12. I totally prefer Kiki/ Star with Michael not Morgan sorry and they better not turn Michael into a homo not cute after all the hurt he’s been thru he deserves to settle down

  13. Damn onions.

  14. Wow Carly actually called it right for once. They are really trying to make Michael and Morgan the new Jason and AJ. Ill keep my reservations to myself for now. It better turn into something good.

    OMG Sonny listen to Connie!!!!! She is calling it right. Kiki deserves to know everything and make a fair choice that way. Yes someone is going to get hurt, probably Morgan, but he has to grow up and accept that Kiki wants Michael.

  15. Put Olivia & Derek together!

  16. your racist huh also her name is kristen alderson she used to play on oltl as starr manning

  17. Poor Morgan. What kind of a nightmare is that? If anything Michael is the one who should feel bad for backstabbing his brother.

  18. Wow!

  19. Good Lord- Shawn is fine as hecka fire!!!!!

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  21. This episode sucked.rotten apples! I cant stand Leprachuan! Really Morgan, get some freaking self respect!

  22. Molly sounds like a broken record. Shit or get off the pot.

  23. That Kiki girl really suck where the hell they fine her she can’t act. Gh is going down hill bad actors they drew. Like white trash. I guess because they are bad actors they can’t afford clothing they only can wear rags. I wonder they can use they food stamps they collect to buy clothing Black people do nit all the time

  24. I loved Olivia and Maxie’s dresses today!

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