Edward Kennedy Memorial Service – Joseph P. Kennedy (Part 1)

Joseph P. Kennedy, nephew of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, speaks at the memorial service for his uncle at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston. “For so ma…
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  1. The Smiths refer to the family of Jean Kennedy Smith, the youngest sister of John F., Robert F. and Ted Kennedy. Mrs. Smith’s husband died in 1990 of lung cancer.

  2. well…it is RFK’s son…..

  3. Is it me or is it just that Joe looks almost like RFK??? just saying u 3 u

  4. little joe great comments now please go after the man who murder your Father
    TN 31 was exchange DW TN tat the bullets that enter your father Tn 31 was death shot
    came form behind not by the man jailed ,

  5. sorry i’m from the uk so i don’t know much about the kennedy family, who are the smiths he refers to?

  6. in 1929 his father, Joe Kennedy, attempted a hostile takeover of the Pantages theater chain. When the rightful owner refused to cooperate, Kennedy paid a 17 yo girl to claim the owner raped her which netted the owner 50 years in prison to be later overturned. The 17 yo girl waited 4 more years and began to confess her part in the frame up but died mysteriously of cyanide poisoning.

    Kennedy got the theater company. (Ronald Kessler, “Sins of the Father”


  8. Another great Kennedy speech to light up the world

  9. Is this the Kennedy that was the drug addict? I get them all confused. I know one of Ted’s sons was an out and out drunk. “I am on my way to vote”

  10. unholy adj : PROFANE, WICKED  2 a : violating accepted civil or social standards : CORRUPT, IMMORAL [Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 1967]

  11. The only Kennedy who wasn’t dog-ugly was
    J.F.K., Jr., who wasn’t a Kennedy anyway.

  12. Wow. You guys are amazingly hateful. I can only imagine the sad, bitter, spiteful, unhappy people you must be inside.
    You show yourselves to be far sorry examples of humanity than Ted Kennedy, whatever his failings. You think you’re making a comment about him but you reveal far more about yourself & your psychologically disturbed personality.
    Seriously, you need help.

  13. There once was a coward named ted,
    he slept in an oversized bed.
    He lived a life of gluttony and strife,
    thank god that the fat pig is dead.
    I wish the devil well,
    now that he’s burning in hell,
    have your fun with the coward named ted.

  14. Everyone in this audience was touched by Ted Kennedy? LOL I bet the women would agree with that.

    Ted Kennedy = Dead Drunk!

  15. OMG  This guy looks like he was up all night drinking. Someone should have straightened this drunk’s tie before he got in front of the cameras!!

    And another one bites the dust…..

  16. R.I.P. Mary Jo Kopechne

  17. I beg to differ with your obviously politically motivated hateful statement. Joseph P. Kennedy’s remarks were most moving. He has the Kennedy charm and charisma. I would be happy to see him fill Ted Kennedy’s seat in the US Senate. To hell with divorces and annulments and Vatican theology. America needs Joseph in national politics again.

  18. If you can’t speak extemporaneously, then don’t do it, particularly at a memorial service.  He just doesn’t have “IT”.

  19. Looks very like Bobby. Rest in peace Teddy.

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