Drunken Ted Kennedy Kills Girl 7-18-69

An inebriated Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy drove a 1967 Olds 88 into the frigid waters of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts after leaving a party on the night…
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  1. Ted Kennedy was a hero. Mark my words.

  2. I guess you’re wrong. and you’re a dummy.

  3. I heard they found Mary Jo’s panties in the bushes off the side of the road.

  4. It always helps when you belong to a powerful family. Ted Kennedy avoided criminal charges for Mary Jo Kopechne’s death just because he was a Kennedy, much the same way that George W. Bush avoided a court martial and dishonorable discharge for abandoning his National Guard Unit just because he was a Bush.

  5. Are you gay for my dick?

  6. THIS one can’t even spell lobotomized right. She or he’s a pussy.

  7. Are YOU also gay for my cock?

  8. Are you gay for my cock? I didn’t read your message. AND you can’t message me.

  9. If I had done what Ted Manslaughter did, I’d still be rotting in jail.

  10. He got away with negligent homide. Did he intend to kill his girlfriend. Not likely. Did he do well later in life yes. Did he never become president becouse of it yes. One fact remains Mary Jo Kopechne is dead and one statistic that at least kept that man out of office in 1980 run for president. has his ploicies failed. Absoulutly. The kennedy family can be said to be tragic but none so more then their poor sister they had lobotomised and later claimed was born retarded which was a lie.

  11. Well what do you expect from a family that had their sister lobotomised. Assholes…

  12. If this were a Republican that would have been forced to resign

  13. @YesYou123333 I didn’t say Ted Kennedy didn’t have a successful life pre 1969

  14. No, he had a successful life before this as well. His 1965 Senate bill to give preference to Third World countries whose citizens wanted to migrate to the US was very successful. Most of these immigrants went onto government assistance but they voted democratic so it’s all OK. Yes, Kennedy was very successful at destroying this country.

  15. Despite this horrible tragedy, Ted Kennedy made a very successful and productive life for himself afterwords.

  16. The dems. forgot to mention this murder when they were praising Teddy at hussein’s DNC, err!

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