Dennis Kucinich Interns

Outside the Obummer event in Manchester, NH.
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  1. This is a good Idea. I’ll ask both Dennis and Ron Paul.

  2. Brasscheck TV would be a vehicle to get Kucinich and Ron Paul on Net daily. It could be set up. I’ll ask Both Dennis and Ron if they would participate daily, and we could have questions in advance daily for them to answer.

    This is the most sensible suggestion I have seen in over 100 video comments.

  3. We need a Kucinich TV in the internet, live. Q&A for half an hour everyday. We can ask questions through chat rooms, and maybe Dennis and/or campaign intellectuals (Mrs. Kucinich, Fleetwood, Mortensen, Sean Penn, etc.) can make comments, answer questions. We, supporters can interact each other in real time. What do you say people? Let’s hit back the corporate media with their weapon!

    Please spread the word and turn off your TV! Thank you.

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