Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl Commercial

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  1. American politics has become so polarized that even a very simple ad can be regarded has too liberal or to beneficial to the current president.
    Some they that the truth is in the eye of the beholder; well, the beholder should put on his glasses.
    This is ridiculous!
    The ad wasn’t pro-Obama; it was pro-America. Now get over it!!!

  2. He is a republican/libertarian.. not a hardcore republican, after all he came out in strong support of gay rights..which wouldn’t ever fly with a hardcore republican.
    Even in the ad he says that the country has been divided, why are people trying to divide it more by claiming its pro-dem or pro-gop, its neither. Its pro-stop playing politics and actually do some shit that will help out americans.Really don’t see how that message was lost on so many people.

  3. Clint Eastwood is an old school Republican and I don’t think he’s a fan of the party of today.

  4. When you understand the Secret behind our Money-System you cant stop laughing about this silly Commercial.

  5. I watch the ads on YouTube. I felt this one to be a stunning, emotional and hopeful message for the USA. As a registered Independant voter, and knowing Eastwood is a staunch supporter of the GOPtp, I was confused. The message was hopeful, honest and bragged up the USA so it couldn’t have been funded by the RNC but would Eastwood do an ad for the DNC?

    Today the RNC is critisizing Eastwood and the message in the ad. Eastwood told both parties to interpret it as they’d like.


  6. I don’t think it was political, democrat or republican. I think Clint Eastwood was glad to do an American commercial during the Super Bowl.

  7. I think when he said “second half” he was referring to picking America up like we did after World War II and the Depression hard times.

  8. it sounds like the super bowl will no longer be watched just for the comercails

  9. i thought it might have been a political commercial at first but the first time he mentioned Detroit i knew that it was some kind of a car commercial.

  10. It would be refreshing to see ads talking about working together and finding new local-state candidates to get the ball rolling again.

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