Bill O’Reilly: Oliver Stone: “China Doesn’t Have A History Of Aggression”

Bill O'Reilly: Oliver Stone:

what an ignorant meat sack, every country that has ever had any measurable power has history of aggression, China is no exception, the communist bastards hav…


  1. There’s a reason why Terrorists don’t try to blow up China as much as America, because China doesn’t stick their military dick where it doesn’t belong and that’s what stone refers too

  2. Listening to this hate spewing liar makes me wonder of what his audience is like; regardless of how small and unimportant. Can you imagine?

  3. You’ve got to love Fox for their effort!! Thankfully most of this generation can see how transparent they are!

  4. One can argue, that its involvement in proxy conflicts is merely a way of creating a buffer zone much like the “eastern bloc” that the former Soviet Union once had. Is China a military threat to the “western world” ? No. Is China an economic threat? Definitely.

  5. As mentioned in previous comments, the scope of China’s aggression has historically been with countries that are proxy to its domestic sphere of influence. Oliver Stone was referring to aggression in the international sense. China has never been an imperialist nation in the way that Japan, Great Britain, and the U.S. have been. In fact, China has been the victim of imperialist actions by two of the three aforementioned countries.

  6. oh o’reilly, you are funny, watching you makes me feel really good about myself, i guess i can be a better journalist than you someone who is wait-for-it objective, ethical and professional, makes me wonder how did this dumbass douche who likes making smartass comments ever gained the rights to give us the tip of the day? oh i know, crap media

  7. USA are killing millions of their people too, from garbage foods.

  8. The foreign invaders who conquered China and made themselves Emporers also conquered Tibet. The logic of claiming Tibet would also have China claiming all lands that the Mongols and Manchus conquered.

  9. Aside from Tibet and Korea, don’t forget the border wars with the USSR and the invasions of India and Vietnam.

  10. minus its domestic problems. China has never invaded and/or occupied a country an ocean away like Britain, France, Spain and other countries of the colonial period. Never had any aggression like Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy or Imperial Japan. Nor do they have the aggression the US has showed since the end of WW2.

  11. Aggreed

  12. get em billy o

  13. Pig OReilly…who are u to laugh, u ignoran old asshole, go and watch your videos before you open your mouth that stink like an ass.

  14. You’re right. If Hawaii one day seceded from the Union, I would hate to see that bloodbath. China has been patient and relied on diplomacy for over 60 years without losing sight of long-term goals of unification.

  15. If O’reily wants to go there, the China – Tibetan situation at least has a historical basis in earlier Chinese dynasties where the area known as Tibet was part of the Chinese empire. Now compare that to the Indian wars and their aftermath, and China still comes out with better looking record than the USA.

  16. Bill O’Reilly. Elitist pundit

  17. you simply cant believe bill oreilly. hes just been way out of control for way too long. Millions of dead in America too and theres a lot less people here

  18. Oliver Stone= elitist moron

  19. Well its all about relativity in modern times compared to the US China is a land of peace. Its after all the US which creates a phoney cause for war every decade.

  20. 17 now lol …

  21. O’Reilly, China owns Your Country’s Debt $16 Trillion, So please before you open your ASS Face mouth, just think what you’re saying.

  22. You’re Americans, why not talk about your government’s not exactly secret campaigns of aggression in Asia. If they can’t install their very own brutal dictator like in Indonesia or the Philippines you completely destroy the country like Vietnam and then say it was their fault. World’s biggest aggressors? We all know who they are even if you don’t.

  23. China is ‘passive’ aggressive and acts by stealth.

  24. … ‘EVEN’ this one???

  25. Stone is correct. China has traditionally contained itself within the Sinosphere, and hasn’t really been outwardly aggressive for centuries. Tibet is arguably an internal issue, as is Taiwan, where that hasn’t even been any military engagement. And how was China aggressive against the Mongolians? By being conquered by them???

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