Bill Clinton and Claire McCaskill

Former President Bill Clinton came to St. Louis on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006 to support U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill.
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  1. Mccaskill said she doesn’t want him near her daughter.

  2. perhaps we should try perjury; abuse of public office; abuse of national trust; abuse of due legal process; adultery; sdexual perversion and a host of other accusations that Mr Clinton is most probably guilty of but so protyected he is untouchable at present. Anyone who seriously believes he was a great president has a very base view of personal integrity, trustworthiness and moral probity. It was Reagan’s economic management that gave the Clinton era its period of economic success.

  3. hundreds of millions of people would pay cash money to see an undercover video recording of Clinton and Monica Lewinsky having sex in the white house. Oh if only. We could pay off the national debt.

    How many people would pay to watch Mitt and some slutty little intern? Not me.

    Bill Clinton was LOVED, baby. But here you are again trying to make sex an issue. But the real issue is that people like sex. It feels good. You all should try it sometime. Maybe you wouldn’t be so damned cranky.

  4. Corporations have all the cards to dominate, to exploit people. Corporations don’t need help in exploiting people. While Republicans help corporations exploit people to increase corporate profit, Democrat presidents like Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton stand out as being more concerned about the welfare of people, more concerned about giving people a chance.


  6. Does anyone have this speech in its entirety, specifically the Bill Clinton portion?

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