Avett’s bassist on daughter’s cancer

Avett Brothers bassist Bob Crawford discusses his daughter’s battle with brain cancer and how it brought the band closer. For more CNN videos on YouTube, che…

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  1. What kind of human gives a thumbs down when a person talks about their baby having cancer?

  2. Lov eyou Bob, and the rest of you guys. You guys opened my heart up.

  3. Just when I think loving them more would be impossible…there’s this. All my love to them and their families. They bless us always.

  4. I’m right there with you, Matthew. These guys are the salt of the earth. They are authentic, genuine, generous spirits & I feel so incredibly blessed to experience their music. They are truly peerless. I wish them abundant blessings & only the best for all their days.

  5. The humility and sincerity of these guys astounds me.

  6. I and love and you. My best thoughts for you and your family. And it’s good to know, that there’s still brotherhood in this weird world.

  7. pain cannot conceal the beauty that is intrinsic to life, flowers will grow from ash, sadness will form bonds and music and friendship will heal. i am thankful beyond measure that that these incredible men (and Joe!) share their talents and their transparency of innermost feelings in such true and meaningful ways. all blessings to your family bob, thank you for making the world a better place.

  8. Such beautiful people. The name “The Avett Brothers” clearly includes more than just Scott and Seth.

  9. My heart aches for what u went through,I am hapoy to hear she is doing well..My son had a prolonged grand mal seizure 5yrs ago,it has been a jourbney of sorrow,l,but also of growth and most of love…music being a big part of it….I love how genuine,soulful,and beautiful u all are ..I could play and listen to your music for hours…I hope to see you live one day…Much love and blessings to u all !,l

  10. Saw you guys a few years back at the Newport Folk Festival with my family. We wished you kept playing and we would have stayed instead of moving on to Jimmy Buffet. You touched our souls then, and have at each performance we have been privileged to see since. I Listen to your songs to soothe my soul regularly and make me think about life. This shared experience cements it. God Bless and love you guys!

  11. love you bobby.

  12. God Bless

  13. My prayers are with you, your wife and your daughter. I have been in your shoes before with my son and it is a gift you have the support and friendship (real friends) that you have. Keep looking up!

  14. They are some of the most down to earth and genuine men I have ever seen.. they’ve helped me through so many bad times and I am so thankful for them and their music.

  15. Anytime you feel like you are going through hard times, think of stories like this and know that somewhere, someplace there is someone who is going through something just a little bit harder than you or anyone could possibly imagine.

  16. prayers for bob, and bobs wife, and of course his youngin.

  17. normally a sad Avett song makes me cry, this interview did the same.

  18. way to show christ in a real way

  19. God bless ya’ll

  20. Im always prayin for you guys n ur familys !!! Just love you all !!!

  21. So humble and well spoken…

  22. yes

  23. Bob should speak more often. Lots can be learned from him. He’s so honest and gracious. My thoughts continue to be with him and his family. Glad things are looking up for Hallie!

  24. Second.. You all are true GEMs!!

  25. First off, Bob many prayers continue in the name of Hallie and your Family!! I’m so happy she’s getting better!!!

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