Australian Anti-Islamic Group (Q-Society) Distributes ‘Islamophobic’ Pamplets

October 10, 2012 – Q-Society Statement: “Opposing Islam is no more racist, bigoted and xenophobic than it would be racist, bigote…


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  1. Education helps bridge gaps, dispel myths and prejudices. Its a good initiative I think

  2. that’s a lie.

  3. USEING BAD WORD THAT ALL Y KNOW AND WORD (JIHAD )It can also mean fighting with yourself to become a better person
    Jihad is, we should first define what it is NOT.
    Jihad is NOT Holy War
    Jihad is NOT blowing up one’s self (Suicide is a sin in Islam)

  4. I will join the Q society.If these people come to Aus they should put up with our culture or get the f… out of here.Islamophobia is only a word to cover up their ruthless and violent culture.

  5. You’re preaching to the crowd here, I’m just saying there are better ways to argue your points.

  6. You seem to have misunderstood me completely. You seem to think I’m some kind of dhimmi simply because I’ve criticized the way you are communicating. Allow me to clarify that I myself regularly try to initiate discourse on topic.
    However, suffice it to say that people who mention only a fragment of a concept and then bury it in needless profanity are one of the big reasons so many people aren’t taking counter-Jihadist movements (like the EDL and the ADL) seriously.

  7. no, dumbarses like you who are cowards and won’t face up to facts and speak the truth and do something about it are the very reason the country is being taken over.

  8. Dude, no offence, but those kind of replies are what’s undermining our mission.

  9. when i saw that disgusting book the quran , i screwed it up , rolled it in pig shit, set fire to it and then pissed on it then flushed it down the toilet . more hateful than main kampf and should be banned

  10. (Part 1) Millions thanks for the speech its wake up call for Christians Countries which R facing becoz of WRONG IMMIGRATION VISA policies please do De-port the illegal immigrants immediately from U R LANDS. Give VISAS & JOBS to only Christians of Muslims Countries as lesson for Muslims, Muslim can get VISA only for business & studies but they should have to come back to their Lands by UR security departments after studies & women should not allowed to get pregnant to deliver baby on UR LANDS.

  11. (Part 2) Pregnancy should be illegal on UR land make laws & do check on Muslims as they do check on Christians especially in Muslim Countries. All Christians lands R HOLY see the laws of Saudi Arabia for Christians & Jews, Remember Islam is not a Religion it’s an IDEOLOGY created by Muhammad by cheating from other religions to RULE the WORLD by killing, & capturing others LANDS. Remember Muslims R peaceful till they R in minority but Majority of Muslims allowed them to KILL & force Islamic LAWS.

  12. (Part 3) In the name of Allah & Allah is Pagan GOD. One more law should be made Muslims should not allowed to force their laws like SHARIA in any Christian COUNTRIES. I m from Pakistan U R right about Islam but U need to clean U R Countries to stop Islam to make PEACE IN UR COUNTRIES as well as peace in our countries please C the yellow skins countries IMMIGRATION laws for others COUNTRIES & crime rate is ZERO THEY HAVE peace in Japan, South & North Korea, China etc. (Note: See Geert Wilders)

  13. (Part 4) If Christian Countries wants to get RID of blood ROITS on their Countries & from the 3rd World WAR, Terrorism, please stop the Muslims Immigration in Christian Countries to SAVE the WORLD. I love Muslims but not ISLAM. U R making ISLAM to DESTROY the WORLD because by UR Visa policies C Muslim Country especially the Saudi Arabia etc, Christians can not build CHURCHES & take the BIBLE along them to preach but Muslims R FREE in all Christian Countries. I love Muslim but not BLOODY GAMES.

  14. So many people do not want to look at the facts.

  15. I have seen that pamphlet; mainly all it says is what companies are selling Halal food. My question is what is wrong with letting people have a choice.

  16. We already have one ugly religion in Australia it’s called the Catholic church; we don’t need another.

  17. you stupid fucking cunt…. islam has been attacking christianity since its inception.


  18. christianity is fucking nothing compared to the trouble islam is about to cause.
    we are faced with this shit now, it’s too late… now we need to do the work and remove these jihad scumbags.

  19. I wonder what the guy on the phone means when he says “this more than Islamophobic”.
    What exactly is Islamophobic? An unwarranted fear of a political ideology?
    Islam has a goal and that is to install Sharia and have everyone submit to their god. That is hardly an unwarranted fear, but very real.

  20. The Q.Society is great,because they are warning and educating Aussies about the true side of Islam.
    Muslims have greatly damaged the UK and Europe and the same thing is going to happen here in Australia.SO WAKE UP AUSSIE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

    ISLAM=CANCER Australia should stop welcoming Muslim migrants immediately and send back the Muslims who already live on Australian soil.I am not racist,but I know for a fact that Muslims DO NOT BLEND WITH WESTERN SOCIETIES AND VALUES.Muslims hate westerners and all they want is take advantage of the system and IMPOSE THEIR BACKWARD SHARIA LAW.Muslims are violent.If you don’t believe me look at the damage Islam did in Europe in less than 15 years.

  22. I am not religious, or better yet not fanatical about it, but who ever Christ was he spreed Christianity by telling people about god and gave them the choice to follow or not, he offered his hand as friendship to those who saw him as an enemy, he showed love in otherwords.
    Mohammed was a war mongor, he alone cut the heads of 600 to 900 Jews, he forced his religion on others.
    Christians may have become radical in some places but this was not the teachings, muslims are taught to fight in the Koran

  23. Islam is fascism.

  24. This means that the concept of I-Islam is the enemy of Christianity from you perspective
    that is your opinion
    you teaching otheres that islam is the most dangerous illness!!!
    if YOU Compare ISALAM AND Christianity Jewish

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