Atlanta beating victim I was targeted because Im gay

Atlanta beating victim I was targeted because Im gay.
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  1. No fagots in jack city

  2. Well ahhh tht deli… dont go there just saying

  3. no faggots in jack city! LOL!

  4. Ain no faggots in jack city!!! Lmfao

  5. What a would we live in….

  6. I wonder why it always takes a crowd of “men” to attack one gay MAN? It’s never one on one….

  7. first theres no way in the world you could know if im white, but for the record im not white. and second you can belive all that mighty angle crap all you want. thats your right, but its not your right to force your beliefs about gay people onto innocent random strangers. keep that shit in church. in america we have a thing called freedom of religion and pursuit of happiness. that means that gay people have the right to believe what they want, as long as it doenst hurt anyone else. same as you

  8. God is love, and in God there is no hate. Today I’m praying for everyone who’s been hurt by false religion that’s been used to divide people, oppress people, and tell anyone they are wrong in being who they are. Be gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered, heterosexual, etc… but simply be yourself. That is a credit to who you are and to who God created you to be.

  9. you can believe wat religious crap you want about gays. but he didnt do anything to anyone to deserve this. hes a freakin human being. noone deserves to die, unless they themselves killed someone. obviously this gay guy isnt a murderer. (except maybe a murderer of masculinity) and he was right they could have killed him. and by the way if you were in front of a judge you would never say anything like this. only on youtube.

  10. i am a hetrosexual male and this is so criminal and i hope the police catch these guys and swift justice is shoved down their throats

  11. KING & SPALDING’s RAYMOND E. BALTZ Jr. violated my civil rights by harassing, bullying & intimidating me, a U.S. LAW ABIDING GAY CROSSDRESSER! Google “Raymond E. Baltz Jr.” or read comments under ‘BUCKHEAD BASEBALL ATLANTA’ for full story. AND COCA-COLA IS STILL A MAJOR SPONSOR OF THAT ALL WHITE HOMOPHOBIC NON PROFIT HATE GROUP! Coke even awarded them a “Living Well Diversity” award 5 months AFTER King & Spaldings Ray Baltz Jr. kicked me out of a public park for walking on the public sidewalk

  12. I love how all racist/homophobes/idiots never post under their real names. total cowards. you are all on the wrong side of history. god is not on your side, so stop saying he is.

  13. I was planning a visit to Atlanta this summer but cancelled, as a tourist I refuse to risk my life for a weekend of exploring history. I see so much hate in the comments that it seems no one, Gay or straight, is welcomed there.

  14. boy boy boy i never knew how hateful people can be until i seen this smh! and as for the person who said all gays and les must die! just remember god got to judge you too! so make sure your record is clean b4 u try to do god’s job and judge i pray for cause you need it!

  15. what makes him special ? gay ppl get beat upevryday o.o… this bitch can’t even defend the cause you better be looking over your shoulder … gay or straight… ppl get beat up for being at the wrong place at the wrong time 

  16. an the respones how were you raised by a pack of wolfs so judgemental

  17. wow ingrance is well alive

  18. i hope they get them bastards that did that to that boy

  19. actually thats you homophobes that have nothing decent about them, homosexuals can be very decent

  20. no decent people do not pollute the earth

  21. not actually its inbred hicks like you that arent allowed on this earth
    so go move to mars

  22. says the person whos agenda wants to turn america into another iran

  23. A gay beating in Atlanta?? What city did the attackers come from?

  24. No homophobes and their hatred are ruining this coountry just like the kkk did long time ago….racism will never end because of those idiots…just like hatred between homophobes and gays will probably won’t because of dumb ass like yourself

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