As It Happened – the Tragic Death of John Kennedy Jr. – July, 1999 – part 5 of 7.

Like many of you, I lived through the assassination of Pres. John Kennedy in 1963. I was stunned to see his son John Jr. die in July 1999 in a plane crash. I…


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  1. The fuel valve of the plane was put to OFF, it means that someone has turned it off, that is significant, and the NTSB should have looked into that, but they didn’t

  2. Anne how the hell would you know the ages and mindsets of the billions of people on YouTube? Have you BEEN educated? Do you read anything besides comic books? Do you know ANY history except AFTER when special you was born? Go back to watching Justin Bieber.

  3. JonBenet Ramsey – “If the case was getting off on the wrong track, this (coroner holding the body) was nearly a point of no return.” (Page 189) “Law & Disorder” by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Copyright 2013 by Mindhunters, Inc. Kensington Publishing Corp., 119 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018. ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-7312-3; ISBN-10: 0-7582-7312-6. Friday, April 19, 2013 (Common Era), 8:05 P.M. (Earth – Eastern Standard Time).

  4. America’s Prince <3 R.I.P. John-John

  5. Also, when there are a ton of people born after 1980 (just an FYI) on youtube, stop putting headlines of “majority of you probably lived through JFK) Anymore, half of youtube was born after Jackie Died and remembers this as when they were 3.

  6. The difference with that and JFK’s plane crash is the most I can come up with regarding JFK’s crash is that he may have been inexperienced. He (I don’t believe) was trying to be brash or showy or showboatey)

  7. That is just being immature and stupid. Then all 15 year olds that speed through a open field and get killed or 18 year olds that drink and drive are entitled and stupid and immature and arrogant.

  8. My first sentence wasn’t clear. I meant to say are you wishing “Karma” on Caroline’s son JFK’s nephews?

  9. So Karma is the nephew of an Uncle losing an uncle knowing that they did nothing to cause it? God isn’t supposed to pave the way. Maybe he did make wrong decisions but do you actually believe that he thought nothing was wrong????

  10. Out of any family, I think the Kennedy’s are the least likely to think nothing bad can happen to them.

  11. Most people with little experience would have flown the plane with a broken foot and under the bad conditions, but this was a Kennedy. They think nothing can happen to them. They are entitled and special. God himself is supposed to pave the way for them.

    NOT. Karma baby.

  12. Lauren was only 14 months older than Carolyn, not 16 years.

  13. right. because entitlement was what got jack and bobby shot. you fucking idiot

  14. Michael Kennedy was told to leave the area by the ski patrol because it was dangerous with all the trees. But no, he was a Kennedy so he ignored the warning and kept doing exactly what he wanted to do and it cost him his life. That is arrogance and a sense of entitlement, not a curse.

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