Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what

What is it like to raise a child who’s different from you in some fundamental way (like a prodigy, or a differently abled kid, or a criminal)? In this quietl…
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  1. Appropriately titled. Incredible speech and so true. I love it.

  2. Then check out Esther Hicks, she will explain to you how you can shape your own reality and how to find who you really are underneath all kinds of things that your parents, friends and peer society have woven into you. No offense. I mean well. We all struggle with that.

  3. I can’t create my own reality, I can only live with the one that exists.

  4. The main message as I understand Andrew Solomon is that love is stronger than fear of being different, stronger than hardships, stronger than any type of pressure.

  5. You create your own reality. But don’t think for a second that your “reality” is somewhat better than someone else’s reality. Pay close attention to where your reality is coming from. I made a couple of videos on this subject religion, peer pressure and persuasion.

  6. And animals are persons, too. Animals, for example dogs are beings equal to humans in general, and equal in cognitive skills to people with Down Syndrome, and they are yet much more advanced in detecting smells and even subatomic particles. Read Declaration on Consciousness from Cambridge, U.K.

  7. I feel like most of you are interpreting what he meant about detecting and terminating DS fetuses incorrectly.

  8. to love unconditionally, to accept diversity, to love diversity, and to accept unconditionally.

  9. Reality is where ancient Jewish mythology isn’t treated as a fact.

  10. Reality? What is reality? Is reality not what you believe? In this case your own perception of the world? Is your reality the same as the next persons? It would be very ambitious of you to think that you will or have already reached a global understanding of all things -material,emotional and spiritual- in this world. But you can certainly form an opinion on things and make choices. Those choices will become your life and take shape in what surrounds you, your very own reality. You are free.

  11. I’ve already decided that I’d rather live in reality.

  12. Your parents most probably love you and want you to walk on a path that will be most beneficial to you. “love your fellow human beings like you love yourself” , “treat people the way you want to be treated by them” these things and the rest they are trying to teach you surely can’t be that bad, and how that compares to the rest of the world? That is for you to decide. 😉

  13. Love liberates.Wonderful speech

  14. Hey guys, what is main messages from the video ?

  15. Wow… just Wow

  16. well you did have words. Articulate your thoughts, i’d like to know what you have to say about it

  17. I… just. Wow. No words.

  18. Powerful speech

  19. Wow, that completely floored me. Especially when he follows it up with accepting people as they’re born instead of wishing them to be “fixed” or “cured”.

  20. No idea. Really don’t care either.

  21. How can you spell “eugenics” correctly but not “fetus”?

  22. It can if the sole reason you’re getting the termination is because the fetus has DS.

  23. incredible

  24. Yeah, as long as you can’t hear those retards scream, right? It’s only bad once they can voice their appreciation for life. My sister with Down’s successfully completed college. What are you doing with life? Finding new ways to curl your hair?

  25. They aren’t fully grown humans. they have none of what a fully grown human has until late in the pregnancy (pain, nervous system etc…)

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