9/11 inside job Prof Jim Fetzer dumps on Hannity and Colmes

Once again the legend Prof Jim Fetzer makes mince meat of the fox news gatekeepers ! Learn more at secretwarsinter.com/content.html.
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  1. BULLSHIT! That paper wasn’t peer reviewed you fucking retard. It’s a debunked pile of shit put up on a pay and display website by Jones, Ryan and co. No thermite was found in the dust because no elemental aluminium was found in those red chips they claimed were nano thermite. This was 100% debunked by Dr. James Millette a couple of years ago. You’ve been duped you moron. Wake the fuck up.

  2. Search for: “Extremely high temperatures during the World Trade Center destruction”. You will find a paper written and PEER REVIEWED by Ph.D physicists from major U.S. universities and private firms. This paper proves that an incendiary and/or explosive other than jet fuel or open air fire were present at the WTC site. This evidence proves the NIST report and the 9/11 commission conclusion as to what brought down the towers is wrong.

  3. Where are the truther’s peer reviewed reports to challenge the 9/11CR and NIST? Why won’t Richard Gage & co put their evidence before their peers for evaluation like all serious professionals? Would you like a clue you fucking retard? You truthers don’t have even one tangible piece of evidence to disprove a single thing in the official account. All you have are half baked theories that crumble when examined carefully. You scum have been debunked. Fuck off with your lies.

  4. So you’re a coward (hides his comments) and can’t answer a simple question – what does it matter to you – at all - what us crazy truthers believe? C’mon terry… use that big ‘ol brain of yours.

  5. Oh just fuck off you asshole. No-one has had any freedoms taken away. You truthers are fucked up lying filth who hate the USA. Eat shit and die ok you piece of fucking shit. If you hate the USA so much, fuck off to Afghanistan and see what kind of welcome you get there you al-Qaeda apologist retard.

  6. Why are you afraid of people seeing your comment history? Afraid they’ll be able to see that all you do is troll 9/11 truth videos? Tell me. What do you care what truthers think? You believe the official story, there is no new investigation in the offing, so why do you care? I care because I believe there are forces in control of our gov’t that are slowly dismantling our freedoms and using 9/11 as an excuse. But why do you care?

  7. Nope. But YOU are a cunt.

  8. Haters come correct. Recognize the science and history. 9/11 was an inside job!!!

  9. You mad, bro?

  10. Fuck off you deluded fucking asshole. Scum like you will never succeed with your hate filled anti-USA agenda. No-one is listening to you retards any more because you can’t prove a single fucking thing you’ve ever claimed. Now fuck off you loser.

  11. You’re the one that’s anti-American. You support those who are dismantling our freedoms and stealing our resources right before your eyes, but you’re too stupid and to cowardly to understand it. And stow the internet tough guy routine – it let’s everyone know you’re a pussy in real life.

  12. Go fuck yourself you truther fuck up. Cunts like you can peddle lies all you like, but you will never rewrite history to suit your anti-USA agenda. Fuck off.

  13. You probably still believe the Communists burnt the Reichstag. It’s okay, terry, you can look it up, no one will know that you had to except you.

  14. I guess neither Hannity nor Colmes are very steeped in history. The Reichstag fire was a false flag attack carried out by the Nazis, but blamed on the Communists. The indignation that followed was used to pass “emergency” legislation nearly identical to The Patriot Act and to wage all out war, much in the same way we have for the past 12 years. Wake up people. Stop believing the myth that sheep herders circumvented our national defenses on one day but have been unable to do so since.

  15. You absolutely right finding a paper passport in a few hundred thousand tons of rubble is realistic. Look if all this was a trial the states evidence would be comical at best. The worse part about you flag waving nationalists is you think your honoring the dead from that day but you are just shitting on their graves by letting the murders not only get away with it but staple their mass murder to our flag as they march on more dead bodies in their quest for world domination.

  16. Fuck off you retarded cunt. Fuck ups like you are shills for Fetzer and his fellow twoofer liars. How much is he paying you, you cunt?

  17. see ladies and gentlemen when your tax money isn’t being used to torture, spy and kill people with drones we get shills like this paid to post shit we all know is a waist of our money.

  18. Fetzer is the biggest retard in the twoof movement.

  19. Wow Fetzer is a complete idiot!

  20. “Did Rupert Murdoch happen to have any connection to the events of 9/11?”

    The 9/11 Op was a False Flag Joint Operation by The CIA/Mossad, certain politicians and Wall Street Types. Rupert Murdoch mum was Jewish – By religious law, that makes him a Jew as well! P.S. Murdoch has bought a controversial company that occupies disputed land in Palestine near Israel which has valuable minerals that foreign companies are waiting to mine! So he does have a financial stake in controlling he Mid-East!

  21. We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.
    (The Jew, December 1925,Zinobit
    The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.”
    – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919
    Here is their plan for you.Read this SCRIBD book

  22. Hannity is such a peace of shit, u can never disagree with the government??? what are we in Nazi german were not allowed to question the official story…guess were in a dictatorship where ur told the story an u have t belive it I mean how disgusting its just a shit on our human rights…since Hannity cant have an intelligent debate he resorts to bullying like hes in highschool grow up


    Richard Gage, founder of A&Efor911Lies


    Other crimes include sedition, scientific fraud, and slander

    CAUTION – suspect is known to violate the laws of physics

    Call 1-911-DEBUNKD to report the whereabouts of this treasonous shill

  24. there actually was a pier review of WTC dust in 2009 (plus, there was also mark basile who analyzed the WTC dust)
    there was also molten metal
    9/11 was an inside job false flag, more and more people are realizing this. you will not stop it, paid shill

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